BTS’s V Admits One Person Has More Authority Over Yeontan Than Him

BTS’s V Admits One Person Has More Authority Over Yeontan Than Him

BTS’s V Admits One Person Has More Authority Over Yeontan Than Him

“The boss in my family is…”

BTS‘s V was officially named a CELINE ambassador, or CELINE Boy, earlier this year.

Since then, the designer and BTS’s V have proven they’re a perfect match with V’s charismatic photoshoots wearing CELINE and his appearances at the brand’s fashion events.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Recently, V once again modeled CELINE and Cartier, the luxury jewelry brand for which he is also an ambassador, for an unforgettable feature in W Korea‘s September 2023 issue.

BTS’s V for W Korea’s September 2023 issue. | @thv/Instagram

The magazine feature comes as BTS’s V prepares for his solo debut with his album, Layover, dropping on September 8.

V has already pre-released two tracks, and ARMYs were delighted to see a familiar face in the concept photos, on the album cover, and in the music video for his new song “Rainy Days.”

BTS V’s “Layover” album cover” | HYBE Labels

V’s beloved dog Yeontan was the special “co-star of the show.” While Yeontan couldn’t appear in the “Rainy Days” music video due to it being filmed overseas, he was the inspiration behind the inclusion of his lookalike.

During V’s behind-the-scenes interview for his W Korea photoshoot, the BTS member was asked about his furry friend, and V opened up about his close bond with Yeontan.

V took part in a Q&A and spilled all about his precious Yeontan. V hilariously revealed that Yeontan was recently put on a diet because he ate too much and got his hair cut, so V lovingly noted how cute he was.

When asked if Yeontan listened well to him, V revealed that he’s actually not the “number one boss” when it came to Yeontan.

Instead, Yeontan responds to one person over him: V’s mom, who he lovingly referred to as the “boss of the family.

V hilariously shared that when Yeontan is with his mom, he doesn’t respond to the BTS member.

However, if it’s V with people Yeontan doesn’t know, the beloved dog listens to V well.

Check out the article below for more on Yeontan’s inclusion in V’s solo debut!

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