BTS's RM Shares That He is "Over" All Luxury Fashion Brands Except One

BTS’s RM Shares That He is “Over” All Luxury Fashion Brands Except One

“Although I lost interest in brands…”

In his recent interview with the Spanish publication The country, BTS member RM got unexpectedly candid about everything, from his professional life to personal preferences.


The interviewer touched upon some heavy subjects, including RM’s evolution as an artist and an individual. They discussed the various identities he has assumed over the long span of his career, and from there, the conversation led to the change in his outer appearance in the last few years.

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The BTS member looked back at the different style phases of his life, starting from his oversized t-shirts and baseball cap era, from which he eventually transitioned into a majorly monochromatic wardrobe sourced from big-name brands.

I went through XXL t-shirts and baseball caps. Then I got into high-end brands…Like Rap Monster, I started wearing only black and white [rolls his eyes upwards and shrugs his shoulders.]

In his younger years, RM chose to wear street-style, oversized outfits | BTS/Facebook

RM’s monochrome fashion era | @BTS_twt/Twitter

RM’s monochrome fashion era | @BTS_twt/Twitter

But now, RM is over the mindset of wearing flashy outfits that demand attention. Currently, what he looks for in his fashion choices is “timelessness.

Now I’m into timelessness. I’m over trends. I’m looking for vintage jeans, cotton t-shirts, and natural things that don’t scream ‘Hey, I’m here!’

—RM, The country

RM’s more laid-back style over the last few years includes this frequently-worn set from KAPITAL | @BTS_twt/Twitter

RM’s personal fashion choices now mostly lean towards casual outfits | @BTS_twt/Twitter

His toned-down approach to fashion is also the reason why he is drawn to the brand Bottega Veneta. When the interviewer asked him about the rumors of him collaborating with the brand, RM replied that he would “love to.”

Although I lost interest in brands, fashion weeks, and that constant change of Pantne…Bottega is different, they don’t use logos, they have a history with fabrics and leather, they don’t even have Instagram. They are beyond fads.

—RM, The country

Bottega Veneta is indeed known for its word-of-mouth marketing approach even amidst today’s PR-frenzied fashion world. In fact, if the rumors of RM being their brand ambassador turns out to be true, he will be the first celebrity officially signed by the brand to represent it!

RM at Bottega Veneta’s show at the Milan Fashion Week | @stephanefeugerephotography/Instagram

There’s no doubt that RM’s views on fashion align perfectly with that of Bottega Veneta. If the collaboration ends up happening, it would be interesting to see what new approach they bring to the table together.