BTS's Jimin Suddenly Bursts Into Laughter During A Livestream - Here's What Actually Happened

BTS’s Jimin Suddenly Bursts Into Laughter During A Livestream – Here’s What Actually Happened

He revealed the reason after! 😂

BTS‘s Jimin recently held a Weverse livestream where he watched “Jimin’s Production Diary” live with viewers. He revealed his thoughts and background information regarding the recording process of his solo debut album FACE, sharing his live reaction to the video with ARMYs.

Additionally, there were many other exciting aspects of the livestream: From his new hair color to the appearance of various BTS members, there was no shortage of exciting moments!

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At one point, fans found Jimin doubled over in laughter as he noted something peculiar about the set.

There are a lot of space in between these balloons.

— Jimin

Jimin couldn’t stop cracking up at the hilarious scene he was witnessing! Clearly, it was something hidden from the camera’s point of view, so he promised to showcase what was causing his laughter later.

I’ll take a picture of this and show you later!

— Jimin

Eventually, Jimin posted what was causing his uncontrollable laughter — According to the camera, the room looked full of balloons. However, the reality is that the sparse balloons looked quite sad from where he sat!

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Ah it’s still lingering on my mind.. it’s still so funny

— Jimin

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Jimin couldn’t quite get the hilarious image out of his mind and even responded to some ARMYs who also found the whole situation funny.

ARMY: “No but really the balloons are ridiculous LMAO”

JM: “Fr LOL”

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The balloons were funny, but the funniest part of all was Jimin’s reaction!

ARMY: “At one point I didn’t know if you were laughing or crying”

JM: “Haha I didn’t know either LOL”

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This scenario is the perfect example of “expectation vs. reality.”

No matter what he did, he just couldn’t gain his composure.

Nothing puts a smile on your face like Jimin’s adorable laughter!