BTS’s J-Hope Returns To Weverse To Wish Jungkook And RM Happy Birthday

BTS’s J-Hope Returns To Weverse To Wish Jungkook And RM Happy Birthday

BTS’s J-Hope Returns To Weverse To Wish Jungkook And RM Happy Birthday

He finally came back home to Weverse!

Although BTS‘s J-Hope is currently fulfilling his mandatory military service, he made time to wish his bros a happy birthday!

Since he is busy, J-Hope had to wish maknae Jungkook a belated happy birthday via Weverse. He left a comment on Jungkook’s letter that he previously shared ahead of September 1.

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Hello everyone, it’s Jungkook.

It’s my birthday. 🙂 With time, birthdays start to feel like nothing special. But I absolutely treasure the moments of celebration that I got to share with you all, so I’m leaving this post to remember as clearly as I can. There aren’t a lot of words that really express how I feel, though. Haha.

I feel like today, I’ll be saying the same things that I always end up saying to you all. I’m always grateful. Grateful for the time I get to spend with you. I know that I am loved. And I love you as well.

I’m incredibly happy these days. I’ve done so well so far, and I’ve always had confidence in myself. But I’m sure that, had it not been for you all, things could’ve been very different for me. Haha.

I hope that I can continue to build on the trust we have and stride forward with everyone. Haha.

Again, thank you always! Let’s be happy. I’m going to post this a minute early, hehe. AFBF!

— Jungkook

Although J-Hope had had the reputation of being the first to comment on BTS members’ posts, he left Jungkook a birthday message a couple of weeks later.


our jungkookie the ggukie, I’m late but happy birthday 😭😢🫡
I’m leaving a [reply] now because I’m so busy
labyu (love you)❤️‍🔥

— J-Hope

Likewise, RM celebrated his birthday on September 12. So, the BTS leader penned a long reflective letter about the last year of his 20s, growth, and more via Weverse. Previously, he confessed to ARMYs that he gets shy about his birthday.

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It’s my last birthday in my 20s. I’m not sure if it’s because of my occupational characteristic, but it feels that a bit of shyness accompanies the day called birthday. Even though I think that it’s a day that isn’t too big of a deal.. I feel so happy and blessed that so many people send their sincerest congratulations/wishes.

Time to time, I think that love is something that gives/creates a name to someone. To where Kim Namjoon becomes ‘Kim Namjoon’. And it’s all because of you, that although it is just one day out of the many 365 days in a year, 29 year old me isn’t just a day that’s passing by.

Although I want to be a person who can be as honest as one can be, I’ll wonder, to what extent, could the existence of the intangible and tangible relationship between fans and artists possibly go beyond and reach up to. Can everything just be accepted under a kind apparition called love? I’m still experiencing times where expressing my inner thoughts honestly becomes an Achilles heel, and honesty becomes a wound, but I’m still not sure.

I had said in the past that I was sad that it was growing harder to talk. I feel that statement still stands true. But still, I’ve grown calmer. because I received all the sincereity that one may or may not receive in one’s life in the form of a large downpour, I regarded pessimism and futility to be cool, but I realized that I’m also someone who is optimistic. Isn’t this a miracle. Lately I’ve been living with the phrase, ‘why not’. I want to live by sharing the optimism that I’ve received from the people around me. And I’m also pressing down and holding onto my next songs that will be released someday.

Yes. Could I show honesty in a more beautiful method than with music? It’s a truth everyone knows but it feels as if it’s still not enough. That’s why I sometimes wonder if I became BTS because of this. Because I wanted to do so in various ways. Whether it be through programs, interview, or dance, whatever it may be… How blessed of a life this is. And wherever I am, these things make me want to see it clearly with my own two eyes and ponder.

They say it’s destiny when things coincidentally overlap. They also say coincidence is also fate disguised as coincidence.  And I think that’s of a similar reason as to why I’m writing this letter to you. It feels as if I would have wrote this letter on September 2023 regardless of which version of me I would have been. Every time, my birthday letter is describing the place that I have arrived at, just in a different language of love each time. Because of all of you, I’m living really well. I want to live well. I just want to tell you every time, that I’m loving you with the best version of myself. Although I can’t hug each and every one of you, my heart/feelings exceeds those feelings. No matter what appearance I may take, I won’t ask for you to love me, but I will put in the effort that reflects how much [love] I have received.

The last birthday of my 20s is going smoothly like this. Let us be healthy and happy for a long time, no matter what sky we’re under. Let’s meet again after some time passes.

Sincerely wishing you an early, if not a belated, happy birthday to you as well!

Thank you.

– Namjoon

— RM

J-Hope also left a reply to RM’s post. He wished the leader a happy birthday and told him he loved him!

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namjoonie happy birthday 😢🫡 i love you❤️‍🔥

— J-Hope

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