BTS V’s Surprise For Fans At “Inkigayo” Filming Goes Hilariously Wrong

BTS V’s Surprise For Fans At “Inkigayo” Filming Goes Hilariously Wrong

BTS V’s Surprise For Fans At “Inkigayo” Filming Goes Hilariously Wrong

“Honk shoo mimimi” 🤣

BTS‘s recently prepared a heartfelt surprise for ARMYs attending his SBS Inkigayo filming, but it seems that the plan didn’t work the way he had envisioned.

BTS’s V | Weverse

V has finally made his debut as a solo artist with the album Layover. As a part of his promotional activities, the singer is appearing on popular music shows, including SBS’s Inkigayo.

On September 10 (KST), V had his pre-recording for Inkigayo. Usually, with music show recordings, fans gather at the filming location to cheer for the artists. But V went an extra step and filmed his performance at two different locations, allowing ARMYs to tag along. The first recording session was at the SBS PRISM TOWER, and the second was at Deungchon-dong SBS Open Hall.

The ARMYs who attended the pre-recording were treated with luxurious gifts from V. The singer also apparently took care of their transportation. Fans on social media reported that V had rented six buses to help ARMYs reach the second location safely and comfortably.

The singer himself was evidently excited about taking his fans along and even posted a story about it on his Instagram.

The buses also came equipped with karaoke machines. Fans said V was having fun teasing them, saying he was jealous that ARMYs would get to hang out with each other and enjoy karaoke while he couldn’t.

It turns out V’s plans to help ARMYs enjoy a field trip-like experience didn’t turn out as intended. Multiple ARMYs from the scene later stated that their bus was mostly silent for the duration of the trip since it was midnight and they were tired.

While ARMYs found the contrast between V’s imagination and reality hilarious, they also couldn’t help feeling jealous of how the BTS member spoiled the fans at the filming site.