BTS Jungkook’s One Skill That Suga Thinks Is “Unfathomable”

BTS Jungkook’s One Skill That Suga Thinks Is “Unfathomable”

BTS Jungkook’s One Skill That Suga Thinks Is “Unfathomable”

V even compared it to himself.

BTS member Jungkook released his first solo album on November 3, earning rave responses from both audiences and critics.

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The album shows a new side of the BTS maknae as a singer, as with each song, he has showcased a different vocal color. The behind stories of his song recordings put into perspective like nothing else.

Jungkook had previously shared that the record was put together in a very short time, which meant he had intense recording sessions to finish everything on time. During his appearance on Suga’s YouTube show, Suchwita, recently, he shared some more details about that process.

Jungkook (left) and Suga (right) | @BTS/YouTube

He revealed that the title track of the album, “Standing Next To You,” was actually recorded just a day after he finished recording “Seven.” It was almost a spontaneous decision after producer Andrew Watt, who was present during the “Seven” recording, offered to play a few other songs he had worked on for Jungkook.

Out of the couple of tracks he played, Jungkook liked “Standing Next To You” and decided to record it. It took him less than a day to learn the songs, and he was back in the recording booth the next day!

Hearing this story, V, who had joined the filming for an impromptu meal with his members, was left impressed by the maknae’s skills.

Suga also mentioned that from what he had heard about Jungkook’s solo recording sessions, he realized that their youngest has upgraded to a different level as a vocalist because his recording speed was incredible.

As he had mentioned earlier during a live broadcast, Jungkook recalled that he recorded nearly four to five songs in a week, working on two songs simultaneously each day.

Suga guessed that he was probably recording nine hours a day to make it possible, but Jungkook left everyone shocked, saying it was only three hours a day.

Suga couldn’t hide his surprise and commended Jungkook for his “unfathomable” growth.

While the rapper was trying to offer a perspective to the viewers to make them understand how “insanely fast” Jungkook was, V intercepted hilariously, saying, “I record one song for three days,” leaving his members amused.

Though Suga mentioned that the time required to record a song also reflects a singer’s stylistic choices, it is undeniable that Jungkook’s speed speaks for his next-level vocal abilities!