BTS Jimin's Reaction To "Running Into" RM On The Street Is Quickly Going Viral

BTS Jimin’s Reaction To “Running Into” RM On The Street Is Quickly Going Viral

Have you seen “RM” lately?

BTS Jimin‘s reaction to coincidentally “running into” RM‘s photo is going viral.

On August 27, a post titled “BTS’s Jimin Ran Into A Member On The Street” went viral.

In the post, a netizen uploaded a sign of RM that decorated a bus stop. The sign was commissioned by ARMYs commemorating RM’s birthday.

Jimin, who ran into the sign on the street, reacted in hilarious fashion.

Huh? Hyung, you were here?

— Jimin

The post then showed RM’s own reaction to the sign. In his Instagram story, RM expressed his gratitude by sending hearts to his millions of fans.


Netizens commented on the cute interaction between the global stars, with many expressing how adorable Jimin was. Many also stated how much they loved the members.

  • “Jimin, I miss you.”
  • “LOL, cute.”
  • “Cute.”
  • “Cute.”
  • “The fact he acted like it really was RM is so cute.”
  • “Is that really close to HYBE? LOL.”
  • “LOL.”
  • “The emoji he used is so cute, and Jimin is so cute, ㅠ.”
  • “LOL, they are both so cute.”

What are your thoughts?