"Boys Planet" Has K-Pop Fans Wondering How Cube Entertainment Keeps Letting Go Of Their Most Talented Trainees

“Boys Planet” Has K-Pop Fans Wondering How Cube Entertainment Keeps Letting Go Of Their Most Talented Trainees

There are so many of them…

Boys Planet has already proven to have some great talent among its contestants. While most viewers seem to have their own personal favorites at this point, there are also a couple who just generally stand out in the group so far.

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And some of the most stand-out contestants, viewers have realized, are former trainees from Cube Entertainment.

One such contestant is Sung Hanbin. Now under STUDIO GL1DEthe former Cube Entertainment trainee has already won the hearts of many with his phenomenal performance skills and handsome visuals.

He has come in first place for the first three episodes of Boys Planetmaking him a likely candidate for the final line-up of the show at this point.

Sung Hanbin

Seok Matthew is another former Cube Entertainment trainee participating on Boys Planetand even trained alongside Sung Hanbin while they were both at their former label. Now at MNH Entertainmenthe’s representing his current company while he participates on the survival show.

He ranked at #5 in the second episode of Boys Planetmaking the Canadian the current highest-ranked contestant from the global group on the show.

Seok Matthew

Another Hanbin — Park Hanbin — was also recently confirmed to be a former trainee from Cube Entertainment. He’s now under WAKEONEand while he hasn’t ranked in the top nine in the first two episodes of Boys Planethe still has plenty of fans because of his talents and good looks.

And yet another now-WAKEONE trainee participating on the show, Park Minseoktrained at Cube Entertainment prior to his current label.

And of course, there’s Hui. While he is still an artist representing Cube Entertainment while participating on Boys Planethis future with PENTAGON is unknown at this time. The fact that he’s a contestant at all on the survival show mostly meant for trainees has led to a lot of confusion and bewilderment from fans, and understandably so.

The fact that all of these former Cube Entertainment trainees are participating and, generally, doing well on Boys Planet has fans talking. A post was created on Reddit to discuss the topic, and other former trainees from the label were mentioned as well, such as TXT‘s Yeonjun, Kep1er‘s Yujin (still technically an artist under Cube, but with an uncertain future there), and 19‘s Seunghun.

What Boys Planet has taught me is that Cube cannot retain their best talent
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People just seem to find it odd and concerning how Cube Entertainment manages to let go of so many obviously talented trainees and artists.

The list of former Cube trainees on Boys Planet is actually even longer than most people probably realize!

It’s been a long time since Cube Entertainment debuted their last boy group — PENTAGON debuted in 2016 — so it will be interesting to see if the label does end up forming a new boy group with their current trainees in the near future.