Boy Crush: WINNER HOONY’s Lovable Persona And Dedication To His Craft Make Us Want To Fight For His Love

The renowned “Ice Bucket Challenge” is currently being revived in South Korea to celebrate the construction of the first hospital for patients with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease in the country. To contribute to the cause and aid the construction, Jinusean’s Sean – the CEO of the nonprofit organization “승일희망재단” (Seungil Huimang Jaedan or Seungil Hope Foundation), took on the ice bucket challenge first and nominated Park BoGum, IU, and former footballer Cho WonHee to carry it on.

For those who might not know, the Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral campaign that first emerged in 2014, where people filmed themselves getting drenched with ice water to raise awareness and funds for ALS charities. Participants would then nominate others to partake in the challenge within 24 hours, promoting both donations and the dissemination of information about the disease.

First, Park BoGum participated in the challenge, dunking a bucket of ice on himself and further nominating Kwak DongYeon, Oh My Girl’s Mimi, and THE BOYZ’s Q to take on the challenge.

Next, IU took on the challenge, adorably getting nervous right before the ice bucket was turned over her. She nominated Heo JoonSeok, Lee JooYoung, and Lee DoHyun for the challenge.

IU even playfully commented on Park BoGum’s post, claiming that doing the challenge with a cap on should be invalid. We’re looking forward to seeing their on-screen chemistry in “You Have Done Well” even more now!

Cho WonHee also participated in this challenge, nominating ZE:A’s Yim SiWan, baseball player Lee JungHoo, and footballer Lee YoungPyo.

Promptly, from Park BoGum’s nominations, Kwak DongYeon participated and nominated all the viewers of his video. Mimi participated and nominated singer ALi, WINNER’s Jinu, and Lee YoungJi. Q participated and nominated WEi’s Kang SeokHwa, Mihawk Back (1MILLION DANCE STUDIO’s Baek KooYoung) and THE BOYZ’s SunWoo.

ALi participated and nominated SolBi, actress Kim Hieora, and Hwang WooLim. Jinu participated and nominated Jang SuWon, DINDIN, and comedian Lee JaeYool. Lee YoungJi donated and nominated YVES, Weki Meki’s Choi YooJung, and Lee ChaeYeon. Kang SeokHwa participated and nominated Apink’s Oh HaYoung, BAE173’s J-Min, and PURPLE KISS’ Dosie. THE BOYZ’s SunWoo participated and nominated THE B (THE BOYZ’s fandom).

Hwang WooLim participated and nominated Lim JeongHee, Lee EunYul, and Lee HaYoung.

Kim Hieora donated and nominated Kim SeJeong, Park SungHoon, and Kim SoHyang.

DINDIN participated and nominated SLEEPY and Jung GyuMin (who you might remember from “Transit Love 2”.)

Lee ChaeYeon participated and nominated her fans CHAERISH, along with MeloMance’s Kim MinSeok and (G)I-DLE’s SoYeon.

BAE173’s J-Min participated and nominated DKB’s D1, Cha WoongKi, and CIX’s SeungHun.

Among IU’s nominations, Heo JoonSeok participated and nominated Ryu KyungSoo, Bae YooRam, and Lee HyunWoo. Lee JooYoung participated and nominated Hyun BongSik, Lee DongHwi, and Kwon NaRa. Lee DoHyun donated and nominated Song HyeKyo, Go MinSi, and Kim GunWoo.

Ryu KyungSoo was nominated by both Heo JoonSeok and Kwon NaRa. He participated and nominated Jung WonYeong, Yang HyunMin, and Im JaeHyuk. Bae YooRam participated and nominated Gong Myoung, Cho YiHyun, and Yoo ByungJae. Lee HyunWoo participated and nominated Park KiWoong, Bae HyeonSeong, and viewers of his video who would like to participate with warm hearts.

Kwon NaRa participated and nominated Ryu KyungSoo, Kim MyungSoo (INFINITE’s L) and Lee YiKyung. Kim MyungSoo participated and nominated all the viewers of his video.

Song HyeKyo participated by donating and nominated Han SoHee, Kim MinSeok, and model Shin HyunJi.

Gong Myoung participated and nominated the viewers of his video.

Han SoHee participated by donating and nominated the viewers of her story.

Yang HyunMin participated and nominated Park HoSan, Lee Haney, and Nam YeonWoo.

Im JaeHyuk participated and nominated everyone watching his post.

Bae HyeonSeong participated and nominated the viewers of his video.

Lee Haney participated and nominated Kim MyungJun, Jang EuiSoo, and Jeong SoonWon.

Jang EuiSoo participated and nominated Hong DeokPyo, Hong SeungHwi, and Lee JongMin.

From Cho WonHee’s nominations, Yim SiWan participated and nominated Lee SiYoung, SUPER JUNIOR’s Choi SiWon, and Choo SungHoon. Lee SiYoung participated and nominated Yoon SeAh and Kim KangMin. Yoon SeAh participated by donating as well as doing the ice bucket challenge, further nominating Jang SeungJo, Jung ShinHye, and Ahn DongGu.

Jang SeungJo participated and nominated Kim HyoJin, Jeong SoonWon, and Director Dari. Jeong SoonWon and Director Dari participated by donating.

Jung ShinHye participated and nominated Shin JaeHwi, Kim HongBin, and Kim MinJi. Kim MinJi donated and participated, asking viewers to tag anyone who is interested in the cause.

Ahn DongGu donated and participated in the challenge, nominating the viewers of his video who wanted to participate.

Park SungHoon participated by donating and further nominated Jung YiJu, Bang HyoRin, and Oh WooRi. Oh YuRi and Jung YiJu participated by donating.

D1 participated and nominated Moon JongUp, OnlyOneOf’s Mill, and NTX’s YunHyeok. MoonJongUp participated and nominated Kim ByungJoo, Yoo HeeDo, and Gon. Mill participated and nominated Lee ChanWon, Choi MinYoung, and viewers of his video. Choi MinYoung participated by donating. YunHyeok participated and nominated BAE173’s Lee HanGyul and NTX’s fans, NTFUL.

PURPLE KISS’ Dosie participated and nominated fellow member ChaeIn, ONEWE’s GiUk, and MIRAE’s LIEN. ChaeIn participated and nominated Weeekly’s Monday, YOUHA, and Cherry Bullet’s HaeYoon. GiUk participated and nominated LUMINOUS’ WooBin, Kim TaeMin, and YONGYONG. LIEN participated and nominated BAE173’s JunSeo, ADORA, and DKB’s E-Chan.

WooBin participated and nominated LUMINI, and his viewers, YONGYONG participated and nominated Gree, Cha Yup, and ONEUS’ LeeDo. LeeDo participated and nominated OMEGA X’s HanGyeom, Park SiU, and Shin DongYun.

Cherry Bullet’s HaeYoon participated and nominated PURPLE KISS’ Na GoEun, Weeekly’s Monday, and NATURE’s Loha.

Weeekly’s Monday participated and nominated ChoA, Cherry Bullet’s BoRa, and Weeekly’s fandom Daileee. Loha participated and nominated SECRET NUMBER’s Jinny, U-KISS’ SiYoon, and LOUDI.

Na GoEun participated and nominated H1-Key’s Riina, ONEWE’s DongMyeong, and Choi YeonSoo. DongMyeong donated and nominated Jeong DongHwa, Sim HyunSeo, PEtER, and Xdinary Heroes’

Riina participated and nominated DreamNote’s SuMin, Go YiJin, and Queenz Eye’s WonChae.

You can watch all the ice bucket challenge videos on the Instagram profiles of the mentioned celebrities. To stay up to date with the challenge and the celebrities who are participating/donating, you can follow the official Instagram account of Seungil Hope Foundation on Instagram.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so here.