Boy Crush: Highlight’s Lee GiKwang Is Not Only A Talented Triple Threat But An Infinite Threat Who Steals Hearts With Every Move

Boy Crush: Highlight’s Lee GiKwang Is Not Only A Talented Triple Threat But An Infinite Threat Who Steals Hearts With Every Move

Boy Crush: Highlight’s Lee GiKwang Is Not Only A Talented Triple Threat But An Infinite Threat Who Steals Hearts With Every Move

Not only is this K-Pop idol a triple threat, but he is an infinite threat of a man. Highlight’s Lee GiKwang is literally the light of Light (their fandom)’s eyes, and for good reason considering his multitude of talents. Whether we’re talking stealing your heart and the spotlight on stage, making you swoon on screen, or even just being a lovable bean as a person, Lee GiKwang has every charm that we’ve ever searched for.

What exactly makes Highlight’s Lee GiKwang a boy crush? Or should we say man crush?

Is it something we’ve mentioned above? Or is it another charm that we have yet to unlock? Let’s find out today.

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Welcome to the sixtieth article of our series, “Boy Crush“!

Let’s get to know our boy crush, Highlight’s Lee GiKwang.

Around Us Entertainment

If you’re new to Highlight’s Lee GiKwang, here is some basic information about him. Lee GiKwang was born on March 30, 1990, and dreamed of becoming an idol when he was younger. He was inspired by watching performances by artists like Rain in middle school and hoped to be able to stand on stage one day. However, because he was such a good student, his parents were opposed to the idea of him pursuing his music career. Thankfully, he finally got his big break and we were musically blessed with the gift that is artist Lee GiKwang.

He first became a trainee at JYP Entertainment after passing the audition and this is when he was able to meet his role model, Rain.

After receiving a recommendation, he switched to CUBE Entertainment and became a trainee there. He made his solo debut using the name AJ (which stands for Ace Junior) in April 2009.

Later, he debuted as a member of BEAST in October 2009. This was Highlight’s group name before they changed it in 2017 to have a fresh start under a new company, Around Us Entertainment, which they established themselves.

As the lead vocal and main dancer of the group, Lee GiKwang’s skills have been described using various phrases such as ‘to die for’ and more lethal likenings by his fans. From the sheer stability in his voice despite performing challenging choreography to the refreshing yet sexy quality of his tone, there is no aspect where his vocals lack.

Check out this live performance of him singing ‘What You Like’.

When it comes to dancing, he boasts smooth dance lines that perfectly suit genres like hip-hop and R&B. He also has a knack for powerful and dynamic dance moves well-suited to genres and technical dance styles like krumping. Lee GiKwang has an innate groove that only he can pull off. This is all thanks to his never-ending passion and dedication.

His fellow member Yang YoSeop once perfectly summed up his dance skills and passion by saying, “If you think about the sweat and tears GiKwang secretly shed, you can understand and appreciate his enduring talent.”

This dance performance video perfectly shows off his effortless performance power.

In fact, if you’re gonna try to win your way into this man’s heart, you’re going to need two things: dancing and shoes. (Literally his debut song). He lives to dance on stage – not just to his Highlight songs either – and he has a love for collecting shoes.

On top of all of this, he has also made a name for himself as an idol actor. He has had a number of guest roles, support roles, and even main roles in several K-Dramas. Let’s take a look at a couple of his most notable roles.

One of his most iconic characters was in the MBC Monday-Tuesday K-Drama “Monster” (2016) as Lee KookChul. Despite being a guest role, his character had a complex storyline and backstory that he executed so well that fans were left unsatisfied with how much time he got on screen. Many of his fans were shocked by how impactful his acting was despite not appearing in the drama for that long.

His role in “Circle” (2017) as Lee HoSoo earned him a world of praise too as he brought life to his character. Many enjoyed seeing his character growth and the touching portrayal of his role. Many were blown away by his character.

This also goes for his role in “Lovely Horribly” (2018) as Lee SungJoong! Whilst fans had mixed reactions to some of the story elements in this drama, one thing was certain. They all thought that Lee GiKwang’s character was one of the best. Many felt that his character was the most plausible, and sweet, and deserved much more in the story.

Lee GiKwang has recently been cast in the 2023 K-Drama “I Kill You” alongside KARA member Kang JiYoung. It tells the story of a promising Taekwondo athlete who becomes a blue-collar worker and is mistakenly accused of a fatal hit-and-run incident. It started filming on June 12th and fans are excited for its upcoming release.

Many fans feel that his acting skills are quite underappreciated and that he deserves more spotlight, so they are hopefully that this role will provide just that.

Additionally, Lee GiKwang has been blessed with superior visuals and dons the face of a modern-day Adonis… with the baby face and cutesy side hidden in there, of course. He has verified visuals and can certifiably say that he’s got a one-in-a-million type of face as he has literally won awards for his good looks. For example, in 2016, he won the “I-Magazine Fashion Face Award for Asian Males”, beating out some of the hottest actors and artists from all over Asia to be dubbed ‘the face with great proportion’.

When he was selected, it was noted that he has amazing features for fashion photography including a long and slender neck, a myriad of facial expressions, harmonized high cheekbones, and full lips.

Moreover, he is known for being a literal beast when it comes to his physique. Many fans acknowledge that he has one of the best bodies in all of K-Pop. He boasts ripped muscles and a magnetic aura that makes it impossible to rip your eyes off of him. He’s worked exceptionally hard to achieve this body and gives his all into working out for it.

However, as soon as he gives us a smile – he just seems like an adorable puppy. His famous eye smile is beloved by fans all over the world and he’s got the cutest aegyo to boot!

Aegyo offstage. Full-blown charisma onstage. The man is the definition of ‘duality’. Could we have asked for a better idol to stan? Probably not.

You’re just as hooked as we are, aren’t you?!

What do you think? Do you have a boy crush on Highlight’s Lee GiKwang?


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