BLITZERS' Chris: Top 5 Funny Moments

BLITZERS is a seven-member boy group under Wuzo Entertainment and made their debut in May 2021, with their first EP “Check-In”. The group is comprised of JuHan, JinHwa, Sya, Chris, Lutan, WooJu, and Go U (currently in hiatus due to health reasons). Chris in particular, has become a growing fan favorite, not only for his talent and stage presence but also for his hilarious antics off-stage. Whether it’s on variety shows, fan meetings, or behind-the-scenes footage, Chris never fails to make fans laugh with his quirky personality. Here are the top 5 funny moments that prove why Chris is the comedian of BLITZERS.   1. Too Good For Name Brands Chris’ Twitter selfies have become a goldmine of humor, with fans eagerly waiting for his next hilarious caption. In one such post, he captioned the post with “calvin asked for my # but i da klein’d,” that left fans both charmed and chuckling. His ability to turn simple phrases into memorable lines not only makes scrolling through his Twitter posts a joyous experience but also spotlights his distinctive brand of humor. Time and again, these captions emphasize Chris’ innate talent for crafting words in a way that resonates with fans, making them smile, chuckle, or even burst out laughing.   2. “Chrizz” Earlier in the summer, a post resulted in Chris being endearingly termed as “Chrizz”. He won over fans from all corners with his pick-up line, “If you were a Transformer… you’d be Optimus Fine 💙”. It’s this clever wit, combined with his charismatic persona, that sets him apart and deepens the bond he shares with BLEE (BLITZERS’ fandom). This coupled with Chris’ down to earth personality always leaves BLEE doubled over with laughter.   3. Stealing The Spotlight In a recent video that featured Juhan and WooJu, Chris made an amusing choice to remain static, striking a singular pose in the background throughout. This seemingly simple act became a standout moment, capturing viewers’ attention and turning it into a humorous highlight. BLEE, ever observant, playfully commented on this, emphasizing the uncanny ability Chris possesses to command attention, even when he’s ostensibly ‘doing nothing’. It’s moments like these that showcase Chris’ innate sense of comedic timing and his ability to turn even the most mundane actions into memorable, laugh-worthy events.   4. Embracing His ‘Nugu’ Status Emerging in the vast world of K-Pop, where established groups often dominate the limelight, it’s not uncommon for newer groups to be less recognized initially. This is the phase many refer to colloquially as the ‘nugu’ or unknown status. Chris, ever the entertainer with a keen sense of self-awareness, didn’t shy away from addressing this head-on. In a recent TikTok, he creatively and humorously emphasized his own ‘nugu’ status. Rather than portraying it as a challenge, Chris transformed it into a comedic moment, showcasing his natural flair for turning any situation into a lighthearted one. 5. Chris’ Toes: The Unexpected Viral Sensation Chris recently gained unexpected viral attention due to, of all things, his toes. In