BLACKPINK’s Rosé Stuns At YSL’s Fashion Show, Here Are 11 Unedited Moments Showing What She Actually Looks Like IRL

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé just showed off her gorgeous visuals at YSL’s fall 2023 fashion show. Check out some moments of her unedited beauty below!

1. She passed the “Getty image” test with flying colors.

No editing? No problem!

2. Her little dress and big coat create the perfect contrast.

She’s charismatic and gorgeous!

3. Her IRL visuals shine in the flashing lights.

We wish we could be this close to Rosé!

4. She’s all smiles!

This shot is too cute.

5. Making her way through the crowd, she looks like an angel.

Fans noticed her contact lenses might have gotten dry, but even the way she blinks is cute!

6. Dua Lipa + Rosé = <3

This friendship is everything!

7. Here are some gorgeous still photos of her from the event.

She’s totally glowing.

8. This quick look! 😍

She flashed her beautiful smile to the camera.

9. Doing press, she enjoys every minute of the event.

She’s a total pro!

10. Even as she leaves, she’s always polite.

Plus, her luxurious aura never fades!

11. Rosé is giving rocker vibes!

We’re here for her cool charisma.