Bang YeDam Sets Hearts Aflutter With Pre-Release Single ‘Miss You’

Bang YeDam Sets Hearts Aflutter With Pre-Release Single ‘Miss You’

Bang YeDam Sets Hearts Aflutter With Pre-Release Single ‘Miss You’

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When our favorite K-Pop idols cover a popular western song, it is always exciting to watch and listen to as they often show off their creative spins and colors on the song.

Fun, colorful, cute, and filled with powerful vocals, here are the top 10 English song covers by K-Pop idols you should listen to.


1. A.C.E – ‘Someone You Loved’


Top tier might not be enough to describe the vocal line of A.C.E, in fact, there might not be many words that would do them proper justice, as with this performance, they reminded viewers why many regard them as one of the vocal powerhouses in K-Pop today. Their rendition of this song makes the lyrics even more emotional and gut-wrenching. With each member presenting unique vocal tones, together, the blend and their harmonies add an extra layer of color that makes this song even more perfect.



This collaboration came as an amazing surprise to fans of both idols. The idols are both famous for their impeccable covers of both foreign and K-Pop songs and are known for their powerful vocals abilities. This amazing pairing is led to one of the best covers of this song. Emotional, powerful, and resonant, their outstanding vocal ranges are not a surprising feat in this song but how beautifully their voices blend is. Fans who already fell in love with the original version of this song will also find similar appreciation for this cover, or dare we say, more.



With every performance or song that VICTON’s SeJun lends his voice to, viewers are reminded about how incredible his voice is. The vocal powerhouse of K-Pop, this incredible cover shows off his outstanding range, his mastered technique, and his vibrant tone that reinvigorates your senses, sending a burst of energy that not only serves as a fiery boost to the mind.


4. MONSTA X – ‘Versace on the Floor’


Well, they understood the assignment and submitted an extra sheet of paper. When people ask for an iconic stage performance, many would make reference to this stage. They took this already incredible song and made it even more special. With their unique colors and the blend of their tones, this cover performance filled with harmonies runs, and high notes as to be one of the best fans would see from a K-Pop group for a long time.


5. Ailee and Henry – ‘Rolling in the Deep’


When two incredible vocal powerhouse collab on a cover of one of the most incredible songs released in this generation, it is a fact that your ears and minds are about to be blessed. “Henry’s Carpool” has episodes filled with appearances and performances by gifted singers and one of them is Ailee whose cover with Henry stands out as one of the best we have heard in a long time. With their harmonies, riffs, and high notes, this performance has to go from the rooftop to the Grammys.



Perhaps the moment that many were sold on Bang YeDam’s outstanding vocal abilities, there was nothing holding him back with this cover performance in this show. Asides from his amazing pronunciation and enunciation, his incredible vocals, and his stage presence, one other key point that makes this cover performance so good is seeing how much fun he is amazing, and that feeling resonates with you too.



We might be in the month of Easter but let’s remind you of Christmas a bit with this beautiful cover of Ariana Grande’s Christmas anthem by TWICE’s NaYeon. Even in the cute and playful concept, her vocals are just as powerful and breathtaking.



The amazing blend of their voices and harmonies! GiChanNoDi thrilled not just the cast of “Knowing Bros” with this impressive cover of Travie McCoy’s song but also fans and viewers too, who were genuinely surprised by how perfect they sounded together. With how amazing they sounded, we hope we get to see this “sub-unit” release a project soon.



It is never an easy feat to do a cover of a Sia song and ‘Chandelier’ has proven to be the hardest yet but with Kim JaeHwan, that tale is proven false as he gives off this incredible cover performance. With just a guitar, his emotional tone, and his powerful vocal range, he thrills listeners with his amazing cover.



Fans say this song is more than a cover, it could as well be a JaeHyun original and they could be right. From his soft and soothing vocals to the cute stills of the music video, this cover is such a nice song to unwind to.


Which of these songs do you like? Which of them are currently on your playlist? Let us know in the comments section below.