Bang Chan Gets Reunited With His Favorite Person: Stray Kids’ U.S. Tour Bodyguard

We were waiting for this reunion!

During the North American leg of their MANIAC world tour last year, Stray Kids leader bang chan had fans feeling endeared by the friendship he seemed to have formed with the group’s bodyguards at the time.

It just seemed to show that Bang Chan is able to make friends with anyone no matter where he is or what he’s doing! There was one bodyguard in particular that fans were especially enjoying, due to the adorable size difference between him and the Stray Kids leader and how playful they were with each other.

On March 22, the K-Pop group returned to the United States to finally wrap up the end of their ongoing Maniac world tour, starting off with a two-night stop in Atlanta.

And much to the delight of STAYs, it looks like Bang Chan was reunited with the very same sweet, giant bodyguard that was hired to protect Stray Kids before!

The two are all hugs and friendliness in the video shared on social media, and reactions to the clip are extremely relatable.

Bang Chan is definitely a K-Pop idol that should be admired for how easily he makes friends with anyone!

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