ARMYs Outraged At Unclaimed Raffle Prizes At BTS Jungkook’s Concert

BTS‘s Jungkook recently held his “‘Golden’ Live on Stage” showcase.

Jungkook | @bts_bighit/X

Jangchung Arena, which has a capacity of 4,507, was filled with ARMYs on November 20. ARMYs everywhere wanted to be there!


Ahead of the concert, there was also a raffle. ARMYs would be selected among ARMY Membership owners and those who purchased Jungkook’s GOLDEN album. If one won, they could pick up their ticket ahead of the show at the location.

Yet, many who won did not claim their prize. A photo has gone viral from the pick-up location, with 968.4K views at the time of writing. It shows that there were stacks of boxes unclaimed, meaning raffle winners had not shown up.

ARMYs were shocked and disappointed to see the picture.

They expressed their dismay that persons likely mass-purchased and also entered the raffle knowing they would be unable to go, preventing others from the opportunity. Some even suggested they should be blocked from future events and raffles.

The tickets for the raffle winners were non-transferable, and if winners couldn’t go, the tickets would be unclaimed. Hence, why ARMYs are disappointed.