ARMYs In A Frenzy After BTS’s Jimin Debuts New Hair Color

ARMYs In A Frenzy After BTS’s Jimin Debuts New Hair Color

ARMYs In A Frenzy After BTS’s Jimin Debuts New Hair Color

And it wasnt just any hair color…

The world of K-Pop is no stranger to hair color transformations, but when BTS‘s Jimin decides to switch things up, it’s bound to create a sensation. And sensation it was earlier today when the star surprised global ARMYs by unveiling a fresh hair shade on his official Instagram account.

Yet, it wasn’t just any hair color; it was a shade of blond — a much-loved look by fans — peeking mischievously from under his iconic bucket hat.

As if his captivating dance reel wasn’t enough to keep fans hooked, the sudden hair transformation sent ripples of excitement across the fandom. Within a mere span of minutes, social media was ablaze with fervent discussions, admiration, and undeniable shock. The hashtag “BLONDE JIMIN” not only trended but also amassed a staggering 10,000 posts in record time.

As most fans know, BTS has been on a temporary hiatus following their collective decision to serve in the South Korean military. However, this hasn’t stopped the individual members from keeping ARMYs engaged. Notably, Jimin is the third to sport a blond hue during this break, choosing the medium of Instagram to make the big reveal.

V also debuted his blonde hair earlier this year. | Dispatch

This isn’t the first time the singer has enthralled fans with his dance routines on Instagram. Previously, on September 23, he shared an enthralling performance set to his own song. The intriguing hashtag #ThisIsJimin added an element of mystery, making fans wonder about its significance.

Subsequently, GQ KOREA‘s release on October 18 added more fuel to the speculative fires. Featuring a captivating photoshoot of Jimin and an insightful interview, the phrase “This is Jimin” was once again underlined. This repeated emphasis led to widespread speculation about potential new projects from the idol.

Hints about Jimin’s dedication to new endeavors weren’t confined to cryptic hashtags or magazine interviews. During a Weverse LIVE session to mark Jimin’s birthday, RM, the leader of BTS, made a guest appearance. His remarks about Jimin’s hard work on upcoming projects only heightened the anticipation.

Fans won’t have to wait long for more insights into Jimin’s creative process. Slated for release on October 23 at 6 PM, Jimin’s Production Diary promises an intimate look into the making of his solo album, FACE. This documentary promises to be a testament to his artistry, dedication, and passion, offering fans a front-row seat to his musical journey.