ARMYs Are "Worried" After BTS Jungkook's "Legendary" Performance At Times Square

ARMYs Are “Worried” After BTS Jungkook’s “Legendary” Performance At Times Square

It’s all because of 2025

BTS‘s Jungkook has ARMYs “worried” after his legendary performance at Times Square.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_bighit/Twitter

On November 9, Jungkook shined at Times Square with an unexpected performance that was only announced thirty minutes before.


Considering that Jungkook did so well and showcased his unrivaled popularity, it might come as a surprise that some ARMYs are “worried” after the performance. But it all makes sense!

Even though the performance was only announced 30 minutes before, the crowds were full and full of people from all walks of life. Whether they were ARMYs or locals, everyone was rightly obsessed with Jungkook.

So why are ARMYs worried? Well, it’s because they’re worried that Jungkook is becoming “too popular” but for hilarious reasons.

BTS is set to return as a group in 2025 when the members all complete their mandatory enlistment. Of course, many expect the group to go on tour but after seeing a clip of the crowds watching Jungkook, ARMYs aren’t too sure it will be possible.

When the video was posted, ARMYs were “terrified” and “worried” that they might not get any tickets… especially as there will probably be millions of fans worldwide wanting to watch the group.

One fan pointed out that the reunion tour would have to last years to see all the ARMYs they accumulated worldwide.

Of course, ARMYs couldn’t be more prouder of Jungkook but seeing the amount of people who watched as a fan or left as one might make getting tickets for their next tour slightly harder.