ARMYs Are Loving Yet Another Adorable BTS “MINIMONI” Reaction

Most recently, BTS’s RM turned on Weverse Live and interacted with fans. During the live, ARMYs witnessed another adorable “MINIMONI” moment with RM and Jimin! Known to have many iconic moments together, this duo interaction is something you won’t want to miss!

During the live, Jimin left sweet comments for RM and ARMYs.


“In this frustrating world, we have us and our ARMYs.”

“I love you.”

“Let’s meet up!”

“But hyung these days…”

“I’ve been working.”

“For real.”

“Hyung, spend time with ARMYS…”

“..And I’ll contact you. I love you.”


Fans that watched the live couldn’t help but smile at the cute interaction!

Watching this on my way to work gives me strength!

Gahh it’s so cute to see such warm interactions to start off my morning! Minimoni is giving me endorphin as someone who’s caught a cold in the bad weather. Please let’s get a Weverse live with the both of them!

Minimoni are so friendly and cute!!

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