All You Need To Know To Attend A Fansign

With the expansion of Korean culture, now there are events organized all over the world. Not only concerts, but Pop-up stores are being seen here and there, and recently even fansigns events have been held outside of Korea, for the very first time. Fansign is one of the most exclusive events K-Pop has created. And if it used to be a privilege for Korean fans, it seems like it is not anymore. It started with the fancalls because of the pandemic that allowed fans to participate in fansigns online, having a call with their group, but now even offline fansigns are being held overseas.

Even if international fans saw a lot of pictures and videos from fansign events in Korea, as it is newly introduced overseas, some fans might be curious or even confused about how it works and how to prepare for it in the best possible. Of course, because fansigns are being held outside of Korea does not mean everyone will get to attend as fansigns only allow a few amounts of people in, usually around 30 to 60 people. To attend a fansign, you must be selected through a random selection after buying a certain amount of albums from a group. But even if not all participants can enter at once, it doesn’t mean you’ll never get your chance, so you better be prepared just in case you’re in for the next fansign near you! Here is a list of things to prepare if you ever attend a fansign event.

Note: this list is also valid for a fansign event in Korea, this is not a ranking.

1. Preparing an outfit

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For most fans, a fansign seems like a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet their idols so closely. Even if they might end up attending more than one, who knows, it always feels like a precious moment they should cherish. And to make sure that this moment is perfect fans tend to pay close attention to the outfit they’re wearing to meet their favorite artist. Some fans will go for an outfit that reflects the colors or style of the group, while some others will go for their own style, thinking it is the right occasion to see their favs see them the way they are daily. Because it is a special occasion, don’t hesitate to put on many accessories, very cool or extravagant clothes, as long as it stays respectful and correct. You can also add on some make-up if you feel like it, one thing about idols during fansigns, they pay close attention to every detail of you, because for them meeting you is as precious as it is for you to meet them.

2. Preparing questions for the group

As the name says, fansign is made to receive a signature from the group on your album. But it is not the only thing you can receive. If you are curious about certain things about your idols, you can write down your question – usually, only one per member – on a post-it for him or her to answer while they sign your album! It will be another memory you will be able to take home with you after the event! Of course, not all questions are allowed, no worries, your questions will be checked by the staff before meeting the group, and you’ll have time to change your question if there was any issue with it!

3. Preparing gifts and letters

Which fan never dreamt of giving by hand a letter or a little handmade gift to their idol? Well, fansigns are the perfect place to do so! Whether it is a cute handmade gift, a letter, a fanart, or any other gift, you’ll have the chance to give it yourself to your idol and enjoy their reaction as they discover what you got for them. Idols are always moved to get little gifts from fans, it doesn’t have to be of great quality, they’re just really moved to see you put your heart into something for them. But of course, even if you don’t offer any gift, their biggest gift is, and will always be, to meet you.

4. Preparing for pictures and videos

A fansign is such a precious moment fans want to keep a memory of forever and to do so, there is no better option than to take pictures and videos. Of course, you are not allowed to carry any phone, camera, or mic as you go to the members to receive the signatures, but don’t you worry, you can leave your camera or phone on a tripod right at your seat and record everything! If you are alone, you can proceed this way, but it is even better if you have a friend in the participants to help you record a video because they will be able to zoom in and follow you as you pass by each member, this way you will have a video that records your interactions with your favorite artist from a close up point of view! An actual camera is, of course, the best for higher-quality photos and videos, but phones work just fine as well!

5. Managing your schedule

This advice is made specifically for those who do not like to plan their day or organize everything. Well, for such an event, you will have to plan things out really well if you don’t want to encounter any last-minute trouble. The first thing you want to do is to check all your belongings before leaving for the event. Make sure you have your gifts and letters if you want to bring any, you don’t need an album, they usually provide you with one at the venue, make sure that you have all the necessary documents to attend (ID, or other required documents), and all other belongings you might need, like in your daily life. The most important information, make sure to plan on going/arriving there earlier than the actual check-in time. In these situations, it is better to arrive way earlier than a little bit late. You wouldn’t want to miss seeing your idols because of a slow bus, some traffic, or anything else. To avoid this, plan on arriving around 15 minutes before the given time so that if you face any situation, you’ll have a little time ahead of you to find a solution! Timing is really important when it comes to fansigns, late entries are really not allowed, so make sure to keep track of time!

6. Bonus advice

Last but not least, make sure to enjoy! Enjoying a fansign can be different for everyone, some like to prepare little speeches in advance to tell their idols, some others would rather go with the flow, and find their own way of enjoying. Don’t be scared to try to make friends if you came along, all the people attending are also a fan of the group, so it’s easy to get along! Some enjoy the event by taking as many pictures as possible, while others would rather enjoy the moment with their bare eyes, every way is a way to enjoy, they’re all valid and fun ways to make unforgettable memories!

We hope this guide helped you to understand more clearly how fansigns are proceeded and helped you prepare better for your upcoming fansign!