AKMU’s Suhyun Has The Most Wholesome Fangirl Reaction To Watching Her Favorite 4th Generation Artists Live

AKMU’s Suhyun Has The Most Wholesome Fangirl Reaction To Watching Her Favorite 4th Generation Artists Live

Everyone loves this 4th generation group!

Siblings duo AKMU recently made a comeback with “Love LEE.” The group went on music shows to promote their new title.

They were given the chance to meet and interact with other groups. Suhyun was blessed with the opportunity to watch her favorite group live! She revealed herself to be a huge fan of NewJeans. On August 27, 2023, Suhyun took to Weverse to post an account of watching her hoobaes at Inkigayo.

| Weverse via Nate Pann

Telling you guys all about seeing NewJeans at Inkigayo today.

Firstly, my largest wish for this round of promotions was to watch NewJeans. After hearing that they would be performing this week at Inkigayo, I was looking forward to it so much.

As I walked around in a sleepy state, someone greeted me. I greeted them too, and when I saw their faces, it was NewJeans. Holy Moly. My eyes widened to the biggest they’ve been this year, and I was suddenly wide awake. Then, I looked at each and every member carefully. I confessed that I love them. I thought that they would be like dons IRL, but what the, they’re just fairies. I had to do rehearsals for the interview, but I was urgently wanting to watch them perform. The merciful production team concluded my rehearsal quickly and told me to watch them all I wanted. So, I watched them to my heart’s content as I drooled. NewJeans said they were fans of us, and my heart beat so quickly that I was about to faint. I ran away as I worried that I might spew out some ramblings if I continued to stay there. (This was the biggest mistake of my life.)

All of their eyes were sparkly like the idols in Oshi No Ko. They must’ve been so tired, but their freshness was a wall. It still lingers with me… Their tiny faces and delicate features as they smiled beautifully at me… To commemorate this, I must listen to all of their songs. End.

— Suhyun

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