Aespa Fans Belatedly Notice Karina’s Influence On One Of Giselle’s Old Solo TikTok Videos

Aespa has the cutest friendship!

The SM Entertainment girl group recently released the vlog they shot in Los Angeles, USA. It was a simple video showcasing members Giselle and Karina as they ate an afternoon snack while talking to the camera.

Towards the end of the vlog, a funny yet sweet interaction between the two happened. Giselle commented off-handedly that she was feeling cold. Karina immediately offered to give her the black jacket that she was wearing.

Giselle: I’m cold now.

Karina: You want my sweater?

The former turned down the offer, starting an extra polite back-and-forth conversation.

Giselle: No, no, it’s okay.

Karina: I’m okay, too.

Giselle: Are you sure?

Karina, being able to tell Giselle’s true feelings, insisted on giving it up. The latter finally—and happily—accepted the offer.

Yes. It’s okay. It looks like you’re waiting.

— Karina

The next scene showed her wearing the aforementioned jacket, keeping it on for the entire duration of the video.

After the vlog aired, fans realized that she was wearing it for much longer than was shown. They noticed that the August 20 TikTok video of Giselle was taken the same day this vlog was filmed. She was still wearing Karina’s jacket while doing the “Better Things” dance challenge late in the afternoon.


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♬ Better Things – aespa

Knowing the story behind her jacket made the TikTok video extra special.

Check out their full vlog below to see more cute moments between Giselle and Karina.

Source: TIkTok and YouTube