aespa Dishes On "Better Things," Upcoming Album Plans, And More On "Audacy Check In"

aespa Dishes On “Better Things,” Upcoming Album Plans, And More On “Audacy Check In”

The sensational girl group aespa recently sat down for an exclusive interview on “Audacy Check In,” where they opened up about their recent album “My World”, their latest English track ‘Better Things’, their downtime activities, aspirations, and tantalizing hints about their upcoming projects.


 Unique Sound of “My World” And Release of English Track ‘Better Things’

Giselle, one of the members of aespa, talked about how the group was excited for the released the “My World” mini-album last May. She noted that the excitement for the track ‘Spicy’ was because they were able to showcase a different genre. She also talked about the release of ‘Better Things’. The song drop followed after the release of “My World.” ‘Better Things’ is the girl group’s second full-English single.


On the Stage: US Tour and Live Performances

The group also delved into their tour in Asia and their ongoing US tour and the intricacies of their live performances. Giselle also mentioned that they will be performing ‘Better Things’ in their live performances in the US.

Winter also talked about how they work on many other things, while being the in the midst of their of tour, and how they sometimes work until late at night. She, on a positive note, said that working hard pays off when they are up onstage to perform for their fans.


Off-Duty Moments: Food, Shopping, and Fun

When asked about their activities outside their official schedules, Karina said that like other people, they spend their time being out, shopping and eating.


Spreading Musical Magic: Music Festivals and Aspirations

Beyond their regular releases, aespa has been captivating audiences at music festivals. The group discussed the thrill of introducing their music to new and diverse crowds, sharing the magic of their artistry with a wider audience. Karina further said that it was an honor for the group to perform for the first time at “Outside Lands Festival,” and how they hoped that many people would learn about aespa and sing to their songs.


Dreams and Goals: The Bucket List

The interview took a personal turn as aespa members revealed what’s on their bucket list. NingNing said that it was a pity that the whole group couldn’t perform with all 4 members on both the “Outside Lands Festival” and “Governors Ball Music Festival,” so they are hoping to be able to perform again with all the members on their next festival appearances.


The Visual Artistry of Music Videos

Giselle passionately explained how crucial music videos are in the context of K-Pop. She highlighted how music videos play a big role in K-Pop music, integrating choreography and visuals, which are important elements of the genre. The group’s commitment to crafting impactful visual narratives to accompany their music was evident as Giselle shared their dedication to planning and creating a captivating visual experience for fans.


Anticipation and Ambitions: “Better Things” Reception

The members expressed their curiosity about how their fans will receive ‘Better Things’.

To be able to showcase our second, full-English single — we’re super excited. And because it has a different color, a different style than what we usually do, we’re very curious what the fans will think.
aespa’s Giselle


Members’ Dream Performance Locations

aaespa members talked about where they wish to perform live in the future. Karina named Paris, saying that she made good memories when they performed for “Fashion Week” in the said city. Giselle, on the other hand, said that she wanted to perform in Busan, as they haven’t been there despite the city being so close in distance. NingNing said that she’s excited to go to Miami to perform as she know the city to be quite passionate, and because of the city’s nice weather and the local attraction Universal Studio.


Soundtrack to Summer: Favorite Jams

As summer was in full swing during the interview, the group shared their ultimate summer jams, giving fans a glimpse into the music that keeps them grooving during the sunny season. Karina talked ‘Every Summertime’ by NIKI, Giselle said ‘Just Friends’ by Musiq Soulchild, NingNing mentioned their track ‘Better Things’ and Winter also talked about the group’s track ‘Spicy’.


The interview ended on an exciting note, with Giselle hinting at a secret yet promising revelation. She playfully disclosed that fans can look forward to a new album in the works.

Check out aespa’s full interview with Audacy here!

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