Actress Song Ji Hyo Finally Opens Up About Criticisms Of Her “Attitude” During “Running Man”

Actress Song Ji Hyo Finally Opens Up About Criticisms Of Her “Attitude” During “Running Man”

Actress Song Ji Hyo Finally Opens Up About Criticisms Of Her “Attitude” During “Running Man”

Netizens demanded she leave the show!

Actress Song Ji Hyo has finally addressed her past “Attitude controversy” that had netizens demanding she leave Running Man.

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Along with being an actress, Song Ji Hyo also stars in hit variety show Running Man.

Yet, despite being a firm fan favorite for many, Song Ji Hyo was subjected to criticism back in June. After an episode aired, many thought the actress wasn’t putting effort in as she was seen watching her cast rather than “participating.”

Netizens criticized her attitude, with many even wanting the actress to be kicked off the show.

  • “I am someone who likes Song Ji Hyo, but it’s obvious when watching the show or YouTube clip that she’s been like this for a long time. I’m not saying she needs to make people laugh, but she doesn’t really seem interested. She doesn’t focus at all.”
  • “You guys are just dazed by nostalgia. She’s been really bad recently.”
  • “I think it’s time that she makes the decision (to leave).”

During a recent video, Yoo Jae Suk brought up that episode, sharing that Song Ji Hyo was quieter than fans were used to seeing from the actress during the show.

Song Ji Hyo admitted that it was hard, but added how grateful she was to her co-stars, Yook Jae Suk and Seok Jin, for supporting her through that time.

She then recalled that Yook Jae Suk actually phoned her up to see if she was okay, but after realizing that Song Ji Hyo hadn’t seen the articles, he suddenly backtracked and told the actress not to search her name.

It wasn’t surprising that Yoo Jae Suk’s comments made Song Ji Hyo want to search her name, and the actress joked that she had never searched her name on a search engine so much compared to that time. Yet, it seemingly benefited the actress as she tried to look at what had happened in a positive light and learn from it.

In particular, she explained that she called Jae Suk and asked him to bring her into the conversation more during the episodes so she could be more active and participate more.

While it was refreshing that Song Ji Hyo felt able to speak about her “attitude controversy,” it showcases the impact that negative comments can have on stars. Although the actress used it to better herself, the comments would’ve undoubtedly hurt.

You can read more about the initial controversy below.

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