A YouTube Show Host Dunks His Celebrity Guest’s Prized ,000 Rolex In Alcohol And Disses Him “Behind His Back” — Netizens Are Furious

A YouTube Show Host Dunks His Celebrity Guest’s Prized $50,000 Rolex In Alcohol And Disses Him “Behind His Back” — Netizens Are Furious

A YouTube Show Host Dunks His Celebrity Guest’s Prized ,000 Rolex In Alcohol And Disses Him “Behind His Back” — Netizens Are Furious

“This really crosses the line…”

Recently, a YouTube channel called Drinking Party Ji Sang Ryeol (the direct translation of stop drinking) uploaded an apology to their celebrity guest amid controversy over the host’s rude remarks and behavior towards the guest.

| Drinking Party Ji Sang Ryeol/YouTube

Drinking Party Ji Sang Ryeol is a new YouTube channel hosted by Ji Sang Ryeol, an actor, comedian, and host. With their first video being uploaded only a month ago, the concept of the show is similar to Lee Youngji‘s My Alcohol Diary in that the host and guest drink alcohol together while discussing various topics.

| Drinking Party Ji Sang Ryeol/YouTube

One of the guests to appear on Drinking Party Ji Sang Ryeol was rapper Swings. On the show, the co-host Yang Ki Woong asked Swings if he could try on his Rolex watch, and the two exchanged watches. While exchanging watches, Swings accidentally dropped Yang Ki Woong’s Casio watch and apologized.

However, Ji Sang Ryeol suddenly chimed in, saying, “You need to drop it if you’re hip hop,” and asked Swings if he can break his Rolex watch. The host then proceeded to dunk the Rolex into Swings’ glass of alcohol, saying that it was waterproof—he did this without getting consent from Swings.

As soon as Ji Sang Ryeol dunked the watch into alcohol, the production team was heard saying “Ah…” and groaning and sighing in shock. This reaction didn’t sit well with Ji Sang Ryeol because he asked, “Did I do something that wrong?” He even asked the production team why they were worrying about a watch more than him.

The atmosphere could have been awkward but Swings went along with it, saying that he needs to dunk the Rolex into Ji Sang Ryeol’s glass of alcohol too—and he did so. After getting drunk, Ji Sang Ryeol eventually went home first, and Swings expressed his frustration on screen, saying that Ji Sang Ryeol was annoying.

When this episode was uploaded on May 23, the video’s caption said negative things about Swings and even dissed him for getting rejected by his ex-girlfriend, actress Lim Bo Ra.

I thought he was hip hop, but he was just a motherfu… It’s no wonder he was rejected by L.B.R~ Swag

— Video caption about Swings

Swings then uploaded a screenshot of the video caption and wrote a message expressing his frustration.

| @itsjustswings/Instagram

If you don’t like me this much, don’t invite me. Why did you invite me and then reveal your true feelings after the video was uploaded? I don’t like the production team. Say it to my face. You told me I did great then you do this? I was nothing but good to you.

— Swings

This event became more controversial, knowing how much Swings adored his Rolex watch. In fact, a YouTube channel named PPKKa explained this whole controversy and revealed a video of Swings saying his Rolex is one of his most prized possessions—he said loved it so much that he wouldn’t even give it to his future kid. His Rolex is estimated to be around ₩65.0 million KRW (about $48,900 USD).

Swings showing his favorite Rolex watch | GQ Korea

Netizens were furious at the way Swings was treated on the show and impressed at the way Swings handled the situation.

  • “What’s up with making it private? If you have dignity, make it public and if you messed up, apologize. Making it private means that you know you did something wrong but you’re hiding it to avoid controversy. Ji Sang Ryeol, I’m so disappointed in you.”
  • “As a fan who loved Swings for the past ten years, this video made me uncomfortable. I’m confident that there is not one person in the production team who works hard, accomplishes things, isn’t afraid of a challenge, and has an influence on many people like Swing does—in other words, there is no one here better than Swings.”
  • “Swings is so kind and the way he handled it was so cool”
  • “A round of applause to the production team who showed us this level of disgrace”
  • “Ji Sang Ryeol, take responsibility and resign”
  • “It’s no wonder Ji Sang Ryeol is in the same place throughout the years…”
  • “Swings has earned a public sentiment that is worth more than donating 65 million won. He went on a show he didn’t necessarily have to appear on with a pure heart and got stabbed in the back—I hope he doesn’t get too hurt from this”
  • “Even if it’s a variety show, dunking someone’s prized watch in beer crosses the line. Seriously, Swings is amazing for tolerating that.”
  • “Swings was just whatever to me, but now I’m a fan. You’re so cool and I respect you. Hwaiting, Swings!!”
  • “I’m not a fan of Swings but this really crosses the line… I was shocked to see this on the news and came to watch the video. I can’t believe a channel like this exists… it only hurts Ji Sang Ryeol’s image…”
  • “Swings is a nice guy; we need to help him out”

On May 26, Drinking Party Ji Sang Ryeol‘s production team posted an announcement apologizing to Swings for the rude remarks and actions. They shared that as soon as the problem was pointed out, the production team deleted the video from the channel and apologized to Swings directly. They also apologized to Ji Sang Ryeol, Yang Ki Woong, and to the subscribers and promised to “grow and mature from this experience.

Meanwhile, Swings recently gained attention for turning his agency’s concert into a free event because not enough tickets were sold, and he wanted to take responsibility as the CEO. Now, Swings is being praised for the way he handled the situation on Drinking Party Ji Sang Ryeol.

Source: Wikitree and PPKKa