A Stranger Tries To Impress Another Man's Wife — Ends Up Also "Seducing" Her Husband

A Stranger Tries To Impress Another Man’s Wife — Ends Up Also “Seducing” Her Husband

A popular trope in romantic fiction often involves love triangles, where two suitors are fighting for the attention of the same person. This kind of dramatic content is, in part, why dating shows like Single’s Inferno have remained extremely popular.

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In a different type of content, a stranger recently played a part in an unexpected love triangle that left both the husband and wife flustered.

On the AirplaneTime YouTube channel, a soon-to-be-married couple, Seok Woo Ju and Kim Yu Jin, participated in a challenge video where strangers attempted to seduce Yu Jin.

Seok Woo Ju (right) and Kim Yu Jin (left) | AirplaneTime

Throughout the episode, each time Woo Ju feels like Yu Jin is reacting too strongly to the stranger, he hits her with a toy mallet, to both of their amusement.

Two men, one a cute, puppy-like man younger than Yu Jin and the other, a very muscular stranger, manage to get some reactions out of her, though she seems to be holding on firmly.

It is the final man, a tattooed buff stranger, that gets the most reactions from Yu Jin…and her fiancé!

As soon as Yu Jin takes off her blindfold and sees him, she curses, earning a hit from the hammer. When he asks what nickname she’d like to be called — princess — she earns another hit from her fiancé for giggling.

At this point, the stranger says, “don’t hit our princess,” earning a flustered and shocked response not only from Yu Jin but Woo Ju as well.

When Yu Jin is given the chance to feel the stranger’s chest, she willingly takes it, accepting a hammer hit in exchange. After looking at how fit the stranger is, Woo Ju also can’t resist getting a feel in, too, and is left impressed!

Before the segment ends, the stranger takes off his shirt, and Woo Ju is caught looking at his defined chest as Yu Jin does the same.

The couple is very secure, however, ending the episode as Yu Jin declares that she likes Woo Ju the most.

You can check out the hilarious episode below.