A new chapter in K-Action, ‘Crime City 4’ Concludes Successfully at The 74th Berlin International Film Festival

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Representing South Korea, the action series ‘Crime City 4’ has made a remarkable achievement at The 74th Berlin International Film Festival, marking its presence on the international stage. On February 24, 2024, this event, which set a new milestone in the Korean film industry, was made even more special with the attendance of lead actors Ma DongSeok, Kim MooYul, Park JiHwan, Lee DongHwi, and director Heo MyungHaeng.

‘Crime City 4’, known for its wide spectrum of action and deep storyline, became the first Korean film series to be officially invited to the Berlinale Special Gala section at the festival, receiving global attention. The film narrates the story of the monstrous detective Ma SeokDo and his colleagues fighting against an online illegal gambling syndicate, showcasing evolving action and deep character developments.

Ma DongSeok shared his efforts to present realistic action incorporating boxing in this series. Kim MooYul and Lee DongHwi transformed into new roles as a special forces mercenary-turned-villain and an IT genius CEO, respectively, offering another layer of charm to the audience. Particularly, Kim MooYul mentioned completing action scenes through rigorous training and expressed his gratitude towards director Heo MyungHaeng’s meticulous direction.

The red carpet and world premiere in Berlin were met with fervent interest from fans and media alike, proving the hot anticipation for ‘Crime City 4’ with all seats sold out. Throughout the screening, the audience was thrilled by the film’s action and humor. Following the film, the team received enthusiastic applause and conveyed heartfelt thanks to the audience.

The successful participation of ‘Crime City 4’ at The 74th Berlin International Film Festival serves not just as an achievement but also as a milestone in expanding the global position of Korean movies. Director Heo MyungHaeng and the actors look forward to ‘Crime City 4’ becoming known worldwide, starting with this film festival, and hope to bring joy to more people. With this anticipation, ‘Crime City 4’ is set to increase the excitement among fans with its upcoming release in South Korea in the first half of the year.