A Legendary Second Generation Female Idol Shocks Netizens With Her Dramatic Transformation After Attending A Recent Fashion Show

Many even believe the idol resembles one of her members!

When it comes to the most iconic girl groups ever, nobody can ever forget f(x). After debuting in 2009, the members always put on amazing performances and the members truly shined and captured the hearts of fans.

One member who has recently caught the attention of fans for her dramatic transformation is none other than member Luna.

f(x) Manager | @SMTOWN/Twitter

From the minute the group debuted in 2009 until now, Luna has never ceased to shock netizens with her talent and visuals.

Luna in an (f)x teaser | SM Entertainment

| @hermosavidaluna/Instagram

| @hermosavidaluna/Instagram

On Instagram, Luna posted stunning pictures of herself at a recent fashion show, and straight away, netizens were shocked by the idol’s transformation.

While the idol has never strayed from trying new hairstyles, Luna sported a very short pixie cut.

| @hermosavidaluna/Instagram

| @hermosavidaluna/Instagram

| @hermosavidaluna/Instagram

At the event, Luna’s blonde hair stood out against the red background used during the event.

| @hermosavidaluna/Instagram

Even in media photos, although Luna still has that same effortless and ageless beauty, the combination of her new hair and the styling gives her a much more “badass” look that many have always associated with (f)x.

Even sitting watching the show, Luna truly shocked fans with her new visuals and the fact that she seems to look even younger, if that’s even possible.

Considering the huge transformation, it wasn’t surprising that Luna quickly became a hot topic online, with netizens praising the new styling and even comparing her to fellow K-Pop idols, including NCT‘s Johnny and even fellow f(x) member Amber.

  • “She looks like Amber after cutting her hair.”
  • “Something about her vibe seems very different.”
  • “Oh, she looks like a foreign celebrity. She matches styles this well.”
  • “She just looks like Luna with short hair. I’m not sure what’s so shocking.”
  • SM’s artists’ faces are all similar lol I thought she was NCT Johnny lol

While many fans are always hoping for an f(x) reunion, it’s reassuring to see Luna living her best life and thriving!