A Filipino Heartrider Talks About Why Seo InGuk Is Her World

A Filipino Heartrider Talks About Why Seo InGuk Is Her World

A Filipino Heartrider Talks About Why Seo InGuk Is Her World

Mangel is a Filipino Heartrider who only has her eyes on her favorite actor, Seo InGuk. Learn about what has made her a fan of the actor, and how he is an important part of her life by reading her interview below.


Can you introduce yourself? Where are you from?

Hello. I’m Mangel from the Philippines, but you call me Ghel 🦊🤍 Some may probably know me as SIGmyWorld. I’m a member of Seo InGuk Philippines group.


Who is your favorite Korean actor/actress? And how and when did you become a fan?

My favorite is my only love, the versatile actor and great singer, Seo InGuk. I first saw him in the drama, “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” in 2019. It was recommended by my friend. She said it was a very good drama, and that I didn’t need to worry because it is a light and fun drama. But we all know, it was not haha. I first noticed his eyes in this drama, it was deep and dark. I was like, wow, he is good, and got curious about him and searched all his works and videos. And the more you watch him, especially the behind-the-scenes, you’ll fall even more 🤭.


What are the reasons why you love your favorite actor?

Aside from being an outstanding actor and singer, what made me fall for him this hard is his character. The way he laughs (I love the sound of his laugh so much), the way he eats and enjoys his food, the way he makes an angry facial expression whenever he eats something yummy, the way he treats his staff, his friends, and his fans. You can see through his videos that he is a very genuine and loving person. It transpires a great feeling that you are stanning the right man. Okay, I need to stop now 🙈🤭.


Can you recommend dramas or movies starring your favorite actor for new fans?

Top of my list will always be “TSHLYE” (“The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”) and “Doom At Your Service.” But if you want something light and fun, watch “Shopaholic King Louis,” and “Café Minamdang.” And if you want to see a HOT and a very different InGuk, I recommend you watch the movies “Pipeline” and “Project Wolf Hunting”👌.


Do you have an all-time favorite scene? Can you describe it or share a video?

This scene. He doesn’t have any dialogue here. Just him, his emotions, the background music, and that particular information that made him weep like that. I think I don’t need to explain more why this is my favorite 😉.


What was your favorite answer given by your favorite actor in an interview?

It must be when he said that “Life is beautiful.” It is very simple but hits you in many different ways. Like whatever you are facing or experiencing, or when you are having a bad day, or when everything is not falling according to plan, just don’t forget that life is a gift and life is still beautiful. And as for me, he made my life more beautiful ❤.


Which do you prefer more, actor Seo InGuk or singer Seo InGuk?

He is a very very good actor, he portrayed his role very very well but I prefer the singer Seo InGuk. Being an actor is portraying a character but him on the stage, singing his heart out, dancing, interacting with fans, and owning the stage will always be my favorite. He is just being himself. No pretensions whatsoever. And lately, my other favorite is vlogger Seo InGuk. Have you seen his videos on YouTube? If not, check it out. Just search Seo In Guk or type @seoinguk8178. He is so adorable. The videos are raw, but he is sharing his everyday life with us. He is so fun to watch and I assure you, you’ll also enjoy watching it.


How does being a Seo InGuk fan help you in your everyday life?

Well, I’ve only been a fan for only 4 years. But he did help me, especially in my mental health. I call him my sanity-saver! Seriously, resigning from my job followed by the pandemic was not a good combination for me. I felt like I was trapped. I’m very thankful that Seo InGuk made my mind busy with him, he made me so curious about him that I forgot what was happening in my life. He keeps my sanity intact. And because of that, I’m willing to do anything as long as I can, to show my support to him.


For Kpopmap readers who are not familiar with Korean dramas/movies yet, please tell us what makes Korean actors and Korean dramas/movies attractive to you.

Korean dramas are very unpredictable and short. So you’ll never get tired of watching it. The story remains focused on the plot. And there are varieties of stories. It is rare to find a drama with a similar plot. Korean writers are very imaginative.


What genre do you want your favorite actor to appear in? What’s the reason?

I want to see my boy in a medical drama. Have you seen him wear a doctor’s coat in “DAYS” (“Doom At Your Service”)? He was pretending to be a doctor but boy it hits the spot! Haha!
And I do believe that he will nail it. I think he will nail whatever role you will give him. He is versatile. He is a chameleon. Name it, and he can play it.


Which actors would you like your favorite actor to act with? What’s the reason?

I’m not a shipper but for now, I’m hoping that my boy will be paired with either IU or Park MinYoung. They had endorsements before and they had a really good chemistry. It would be a waste not to see them in a drama. Ooh and actress Han SooHee. They look so good together too!


Are there any particular Seo InGuk songs that you would recommend to others?

Ooh. He has a lot of good songs. If you want to dance and just lift your dancing spirit, try listening to ‘Mint Chocolate’, ‘Shake It Up’, ‘Aegiya’, ‘Time Machine’, and ‘Saranghae You’. If you want a sexy song, ‘Bebe’ will always be on top followed by ‘Bad’ and ‘Tease Me’.
And if you want songs to listen to on rainy days, try listening to ‘Seasons of the Heart’, ‘Far Away’, ‘Light of My Life’, ‘Fallen’, and… no, just listen to all of his songs and you’ll like it. It’s catchy. Well, I listen to it every day🎧🤭.


Mangel’s message for Seo InGuk:

Seo InGuk-ssi annyeong haseyo. You probably don’t know me or even know that I exist, but I’m very very thankful to you. You don’t know how much you helped me. I don’t know if you are going to read or see this but I just want to say thank you. Thank you because I’ve met a lot of new people who are now my friends. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you also for sharing your light with me and guiding me out of one of the darkest phases in my life. Thank you for bringing happiness to your fans.
To you, the brightest star in my Universe, I’m always grateful that I am in the same lifetime with you.💕
P.S. Thank you for coming to the Philippines and giving us a record-breaking Fan Meeting. We will never forget that. Your Heartriders will always have your back and we will always support you.
너무 너무 사랑해요 🤍🤍🤍.

Photo from Mangel