A Fan Turned ENHYPEN’s Teaser Photo Into A Meme, And Jake Couldn’t Resist Laughing

To gear up for ENHYPEN‘s comeback in almost a year since MANIFESTO: DAY 1they’ve released a few teaser photos for their upcoming album DARK BLOOD.


While the underwater photos took on a darker vibe, one fan decided to lighten the mood.


Between their teasers and Jake’s recently shared childhood photo, a fan had the funny idea to combine the two.

Childhood photo of Jake. | @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

On Weverse, an ENGENE uploaded a meme of a young Jake “saving Sunghoon.” The meme was so creative that Jake couldn’t help responding with laughter, “Kekekeke.

Jake’s response to the meme. | Weaver

The original creator of the meme didn’t stop there, either. They kept the fun going by creating another of young Jake saving adult Jake.

With ENHYPEN returning for promotions, fans were more than ready to start creating funny moments even the members can laugh at.



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