A Brave K-Pop Star Saved A Woman From A Drunk Attacker

A Brave K-Pop Star Saved A Woman From A Drunk Attacker

A Brave K-Pop Star Saved A Woman From A Drunk Attacker

He risked his safety for a stranger.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

If you witnessed a crime in progress, what would you do? For one brave Korean singer, there was only one answer: take action.

Unrelated photo for illustrative purposes only. | Ciaran O’Brien/Unsplash

Today’s K-Pop fans might not know Lee Hae Yong, one half of the co-ed duo Almeng, but his act of heroism still restores faith in humanity to this day. On January 8, 2015, Lee Hae Yong saved an elderly woman from a drunk assailant’s assault.

Almeng’s Choi Rin (left) and Lee Hae Yong (right) | Majesty Entertainment

Police officers reported that Lee Hae Yong was near the Sillim Station in Seoul, where he saw an 81-year-old woman being attacked. The woman was picking up recycling materials when a 26-year-old man attacked her for no apparent reason.

Kicking and hitting the elderly woman, the assaulter continuously told the woman to shut up when she questioned his actions. Though it meant putting himself in harm’s way, Lee Hae Yong stepped in and held back the man until the authorities arrived. Thankfully, the woman did not suffer any major injuries during the incident.

Unrelated photo for illustrative purposes only. | Sean Lee/Unsplash

Lee Hae Yong’s act of kindness was later honored by the police; he received a letter of appreciation as well as reward money for his courage. Lee Hae Yong told reporters, “It’s not that I have a large amount of justice, anyone that is modest would do the same thing.” 

Lee Hae Yong (right) with Chief Kim Jong Bo

Almeng appeared in K-Pop Star Season 3 before releasing their hit song “Phone in Love” in October 2014. Listen to it here:

Source: OSEN and Korea Times