9 Times BLACKPINK's Lisa Showed Off Her Flawless Figure And Proportions

9 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Showed Off Her Flawless Figure And Proportions

BLINKS went wild for #4. 🔥

BLACKPINK Lisa‘s gorgeous physique is runway-worthy. Her super long limbs and slender frame often leave netizens in awe of her proportions. Check out 10 moments when she flaunted her amazing figure.

1. Seeing Lisa this close in real life is a dream come true.

She’s flawless from head to toe!

2. Her model walk is perfect.

Models are lucky that Lisa chose music!

3. Her charisma explodes the moment she steps on stage.

Look at Jennie‘s expression as she watches Lisa!

4. This fancam drove BLINKs crazy.

She looks good and she knows it!

5. Fans are in love with her pole dancing skills.

Her talents are endless.

6. Her figure is absolutely stunning.

How is she real?!

7. We can’t get enough of Lisa’s excited expressions on stage.

You can feel how much she loves to perform.

8. It’s no wonder netizens say Lisa is “body goals.”

Her figure is the result of hard work and great genetics!

9. She’s too cute!

Lisa is the total package.