9 Male K-Pop Idols Wearing Flower Crowns That Look Like Princes Of Spring

9 Male K-Pop Idols Wearing Flower Crowns That Look Like Princes Of Spring

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At fan meetings, K-Pop idols are often given a varying assortment of items. Half of those items are gifts meant to be opened at a later time. These can include sentimental letters or more physical gifts like a gaming console. Then there’s the other half which can be classified as accessories meant to be worn right at that moment!

Idols receive numerous accessories like flowy capes, adorable headbands, or soft plushies. A popular item to present idols during a fan meeting is a flower crown. These floral headpieces increase an idol’s visuals and make them appear absolutely stunning. There are numerous photographs of idols wearing a flower crown that leave fans speechless.

Now, with spring right around the corner, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see multiple photographs of K-Pop idols in floral crowns pop up on social media feeds everywhere. With that being said, we decided to make this list to share with all K-Pop fans across the globe!

Check out these male K-Pop idols wearing floral crowns that could pass as princes of spring!

  9 Male K-Pop Idols Wearing Flower Crowns That Look Like Princes Of Spring


HyeongSeop recently added the title of “The Show” MC to his resume. But we think he should probably add spring prince to the list too! The rookie idol looks absolutely regal with the flower crown sitting prettily on top of his head. And with a wink that cute, he can put anyone into submission. Sign us up to join HyeongSeop’s spring kingdom.

His vocals are as refreshing as a spring breeze, but the same can be said about his top tier visuals. Just one look at MinHee will make your heart flutter in ways you never thought possible. Add a flower crown to the mix and then you will have a prince in the making!

Now, I.M is known for his crazy good rap skills and soothing deep, toned voice. His charisma is apparent, and even more so when he dons on a flower crown. I.M just exudes a freshness that can make even the most wilted flower bloom back to life. If seasons had a royal lineage, he could definitely be considered a prince of spring.

If there’s one thing that all K-Pop fans should know, it’s to never underestimate the maknae. GiSeok might be the youngest of his group, but he certainly gives off prince vibes with a floral crown on top of his head. There might be some cuteness mixed in with that regality, but we don’t think anyone would complain!

HanGyul is BAE173‘s fearless leader and sometimes leaders deserve a crown. In HanGyul’s case, a flower crown suits him best. It’s a great contrast to his charismatic figure, adding a bit of regality that’s visible for all to see. We imagine HanGyul would be perfect as inspiration for the next Disney prince.

Even prior to debut HyunJin amazed STAY with his jaw-dropping visuals. Then, as he’s grown and matured, his looks have only leveled up and upgraded as time went on. He’s like fine wine that only tastes better, year after year. With a flower crown, HyunJin could definitely be a contender for a princely title!

ATEEZ are a group known for their explosive performances. They command the stage from start to finish with their professionalism and talent. But with their visuals and the right accessories, they could also be considered royalty. SeongHwa looks absolutely ethereal with a flower crown sitting prettily on top of his head. We’ve all heard the term “X person for president!”. Well, how about SeongHwa for spring prince!

  9 Male K-Pop Idols Wearing Flower Crowns That Look Like Princes Of Spring


YeonJun is a complete all-rounder and crushes the stage at all parts of a performance. His visuals are also noteworthy, being able to look amazing at any angle. With his talent and aura, all he needs is a floral crown to be a dubbed a prince.

  9 Male K-Pop Idols Wearing Flower Crowns That Look Like Princes Of Spring


Idol, model, and actor. Cha EunWoo covers all his bases perfectly and has become a staple name in the entertainment industry. Among those titles, we think he should consider adding ‘prince of spring’ too! With a flower crown, the idol looks other-worldly, like a bright, shining star personified. If EunWoo were enlisting people to join his flowery kingdom, we would be one of the first in line.

Are there any other idols that look like a spring prince with a flower crown? Let us know in the comments!