7 Webtoon-Based K-Dramas Coming This Summer

2023 is already boasting a fantastic roster of upcoming K-Dramas and webtoon-based shows appear to be forming a good percentage of the same. So far, there are already 45+ webtoons confirmed for production and 28+ that have been announced this year alone. Not only are these adaptations increasing the K-Drama audience by welcoming webtoon fans worldwide but the webtoon industry is also thriving like never before.

With that said, here are 7 exciting webtoon-based K-Dramas coming in the summer of 2023!

Note: This list is not a ranking.


When: March 14, 2023

Where To Watch: Viki

Cast: OMEGA X’s JaeHan and YeChan

Summary: An enemies-to-lovers story set in high school about DaYeol, a talented but quiet archer/scholarship student, and TaeHyun, a chaotic popular boy who puts DaYeol’s scholarship at risk by framing him for a crime he did not commit.

Based on the popular BL webtoon “A Shoulder To Cry On” by Dongmul. You can read the webtoon in English here.

Watch Because: The webtoon does an excellent job of characterization, and with such an amazing cast, it will be interesting to see how our favorite scenes come to life. Moreover, it has all the tropes we love in romance dramas: love-hate, heart-fluttering chemistry, campus romance, angst, and more. With all the makings of a viral hit, “A Shoulder To Cry On” is highly anticipated worldwide.

When: First half of 2023

Where To Watch: Netflix, FORCING, tvN

Cast: Shin HaeSun, Ahn BoHyun

Summary: Ban JiEum is a woman with a secret. She has reincarnated 19 times and retains the memories from all her past lives. In her 18th life, she meets Moon SeoHa, and their relationship as little kids changes her life for the better. However, after a tragic accident cuts her time short, she reincarnates in her 19th life and sets out to reconnect with those she left behind.

Based on the webtoon “See You In My 19th Life” by Lee Hey. You can read the webtoon in English here.

Watch Because: Ban JiEum is one of the best, most well-written female characters in the world of romance webtoons. At the same time, Moon SeoHa has stolen hearts all over the world with his delicate charms and handsome visuals. With Shin HaeSun and Ahn BoHyun playing these amazing characters, we’re certain that “See You In My 19th Life” is going to be iconic. The webtoon has just the right mix of genres – fantasy, romance, comedy, and thriller, which is expected to translate just as well on screen. You do not want to miss this one.

3. “Duty After School”

When: March 31, 2023

Where To Watch: FORCE

Cast: Shin HyunSooIm SeMi,  Kim KiHae, Lee Yeon, Moon SangMin, Kwon EunBin, Kim SuGyeom, Kim Min Chul, Lee SoonWon

Summary: “Duty After School” tells the story of a sudden apocalyptic event where slimy alien creatures called “cells” invade the earth and pose a significant threat to mankind. The situation grows so severe that military power falls short, and the government announces the conscription of high school and university students in the reserve forces to fight the unknown evil.

Based on the webtoon “Duty After School” by Ilkwon Ha. You can read the webtoon in English here.

Watch Because: The webtoon maintains a black comedy genre, juxtaposing sheer apocalyptic horror with mockumentary-style cutaways. This makes the narrative refreshing and allows us to view the end of the world through the lens of high school students who couldn’t care less (at least in the beginning). We’re excited to see how the K-Drama replicates the same effect. There is some amazing character development that drives the story, and the twists and turns will keep you on your toes at all times.

4. “Joseon Attorney”

When: March 31, 2023

Where To Watch: MBC

Cast: Woo DoHwan, WJSN’s BoNa, VIXX’s N (Cha HakYeon)

Summary: “Joseon Attorney” tells the story of a manipulative lawyer who orchestrates lawsuits and takes advantage of the victims but accidentally gets hailed as a savior of the people, which leads him to reflect upon himself and grow as a true server of justice.

Based on the webtoon “Joseon Attorney” by Sim Gun and Writer Jeong. You can read the webtoon in Korean here.

Watch Because: Fans worldwide are hailing the production team for such an incredible and accurate casting. The webtoon boasts strong and endearing characters that you will find yourselves getting attached to, and we can already imagine Woo DoHwan and BoNa’s unbeatable chemistry from the teaser posters alone! In addition, the riveting plotline and rom-com genre will definitely make for a fun watch.

5. “Shark: The Storm”

When: First half of 2023

Where To Watch: FORCE

Cast: Kim MinSeok, Lee HyunWook

Summary: Serving as the follow-up to the film “Shark: The Beginning”, “Shark: The Storm” tells the story of Cha WooSol, who was once a victim of school bullying, then became a convict for hitting back at the perpetrator. In jail, he learns how to fight from a mixed martial arts champion and starts a new life.

Based on the webtoon “Shark” by Woon and Kim WooSub. You can read the webtoon in Korean here.

Watch Because: Kim MinSeok delivered a killer performance in the prequel film and is expected to create another masterpiece with this drama. Fans of the webtoon were thrilled with the movie and the announcement of a K-Drama is just the cherry on top. With unbelievable action scenes and satisfying and cathartic revenge plots alongside wholesome found-family themes, “Shark: The Storm” will be a must-watch.

6. “Bloodhounds”

When: Second quarter of 2023

Where To Watch: Netflix

Cast: Woo DoHwan, Lee SangYi, Park Sung Woong

Summary: Two young men, GeonWoo & WooJin, whose lives are entangled by debt, will do anything for money, even if that means living as hunting dogs in the world of vicious loan sharks.

Based on the webtoon “Bloodhounds” by Jeong Chan. You can read the webtoon in English here.

Watch Because: Described as a noir action drama, “Bloodhounds” will take us into the clutches of a dark and gritty world where money comes before one’s life. Our leading characters are former boxers, so expect some top-notch action choreography. Moreover, as rivals become allies, a power duo will emerge that we’re already predicting will be iconic. “Bloodhounds” is a good vs. evil fight like no other.

When: Second quarter of 2023

Where To Watch: Netflix

Cast: Kim WooBin, Ace

Summary: Set in a dystopian future where air pollution has gotten so dangerous that it is nearly impossible to go out, “Black Knight” tells the story of delivery agents, known gloriously as “Delivery Knights” in the webtoon, who take on the responsibility of bringing people’s packages to their doorstep, safely.

Based on the webtoon “Delivery Knight” by Lee YungYun. You can read it in English here.

Watch Because: Kim WooBin’s small screen comeback is everything we could have wished for in 2023. Along with powerful actress Esom, Kim WooBin is set to make history again with this legendary adaptation, where he will play “5-8”, the central protagonist of the drama. Not only is the story one of the most unique takes on dystopian thrillers we’ve seen, but the characters are wonderfully fleshed out and multidimensional. The webtoon itself has a loyal fanbase that is hyped about the K-Drama, so expectations are sky-high, and Kim WooBin & Esom are ready to deliver.

Which upcoming webtoon-based K-Drama are you looking forward to the most?

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“See You In My 19th Life”