7 Times ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo Hypnotized Us With His Honey-Like Vocals

Among K-Pop idols who have ventured off into acting, ASTRO’s Cha EunWoo has made a name for himself, landing countless roles one after the other. Through these dramas, he has showcased his acting prowess, successfully capturing the hearts of millions. His characters have become eternalized and a core memory to drama fans everywhere.

While he’s currently showcasing his incredible acting skills through “A Good Day To Be A Dog“, we cannot forget that Cha EunWoo is also a talented singer. Through his life as an idol he has built up an impressive repertoire, being able to perfectly execute intense choreography and belt out swooning notes at the same time. His voice is sweet and will send shivers throughout your entire body.

While Cha EunWoo has become a great actor, here are some reminders of his hypnotizing honey-like vocals.


1. Short Yet Impactful ‘Two People’

The wacky edits and goofy captions aside, Cha EunWoo’s performance of ‘Two People’ on “Radio Star” is heaven sent. Although short, his angelic vocals shoot straight to your heart, making sure to keep you seated and listening from beginning to end. What’s more, EunWoo proves that he’s multitalented, being able to play the piano and sing at the same time.


2. Collaboration With Peder Elias

Together with Peder Elias, Cha EunWoo provides this swoon-worthy performance of ‘Bonfire’. As they sing you can feel the heat of imaginary flames materialize right in front of you. Their melodic harmonies are enchanting and will have you happily humming along.


Cha EunWoo’s role as Do KyungSuk was iconic, a character that K-Drama enthusiasts fondly remember to this day. Luckily for fans, not only was the acting-dol seen on screen but they could hear his voice through this beautiful OST. It provided double the serotonin boost, allowing fans to be reminded by his sweet, romance scenes through this memorable track.


4. Causing Fans To Fall In Love With ‘Aloha’

On one hand, this could be seen as a simple cover of the iconic song ‘Aloha’, popularized once again by “Hospital Playlist”. On the other hand, it can be seen as Cha EunWoo’s dedication to his beloved fans, AROHA (ASTRO’s fandom name). With this idea in mind, it becomes even sweeter, knowing how much he cares about his beloved supporters. Hearing his lovely vocals evokes a sense of pride in AROHA everywhere.


5. Comforting Performance Of ‘Never Ending Story’

With the arrival of fall came feelings of sentimental yearning that rises in the hearts of millions. In this collaborative effort, Cha EunWoo’s voice perfectly matches the autumn sentiments with this performance of ‘Never Ending Story’. The rock ballad is touching and might even bring a tear to your eyes. But this simply speaks to Cha EunWoo’s talent as a vocalist and being able to mesh with anyone he meets.


6. A Feeling Of Peace With’ Focus On Me’

Just as the title of the song states, all your attention will gravitate towards Cha EunWoo. His incredible vocals will make you stop in your tracks, putting everything on pause in order to fully appreciate his singing. Through ‘Focus On Me’ Cha EunWoo brings a comforting peace that you can always look back on when the going gets tough.


7. Healing Cover Of ‘Stalker’

One of Cha EunWoo’s most recent covers, the idol took the world by storm with his rendition of ‘Stalker’. It’s a song that’s perfect for the autumn season, causing you to reminisce and reflect on various memories. And while it does tinge your soul with sadness, the idol also provides a sense of healing with his voice alone. There’s certainly no better remedy than Cha EunWoo’s angelic vocals.

While this isn’t all that Cha EunWoo has to offer, these performances offer the perfect reminder of his never-ending talents.

What do you think of Cha EunWoo’s vocals? What’s your favorite vocal performance from him? Let us know in the comments!