7 Rock & Metal Covers Of MONSTA X’s Songs To Hype You Up

7 Rock & Metal Covers Of MONSTA X’s Songs To Hype You Up

7 Rock & Metal Covers Of MONSTA X’s Songs To Hype You Up

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1. ‘Beautiful Liar’ – Metal cover by “Scott Forsyth – Make A Tune”

Beautiful Liar‘, the title track of MONSTA X’s album “Reason” released in January 2023, represents the crème de la crème of MONSTA X’s output. An incredibly catchy song with an exceptionally crafted MV that is all about dangerous and toxic love to which you simply cannot resist. From the initial mind-blowing guitar riff and highly addictive beat to its oscillatory structure, and an allure that draws you in, the more you watch, the more you crave. Bang Chan of Stray Kids in his reaction said that listening to the song makes you feel as if your face is on fire.

Scott Forsyth has come up with a great metal cover and kept the original vocals and MV so we dig it!


2. ‘One Day’ – Rock cover by Dvii

‘One Day’ is a melodic song taken from MONSTA X’s English album “The Dreaming” released in 2021. In an interview, MONSTA X’s JooHoney describes it as being “in line with our own emotions, so we tried to be as genuine as possible when singing it.”

Kudoz to Dvii for this delightful cover!


3. ‘Shoot Out’ – Metal cover by “ComeOnBear Kpop Metal”

Take 1. Are You There?” is the first part of the second Korean-language studio album by MONSTA X released in 2018 consisting of ten songs of which ‘Shoot Out‘ is the title track. This cover maintains the original vocals and visuals (for an all-included feast for your ears and eyes). The result is a treat for the rock-at-heart! Love the transition at 0:52!

ComeOnBear’s cover has garnered a lot of love on YouTube. Check out the comments!


4. ‘Fighter’ – Metal mix/Guitar cover by Fernando Paradox

‘Fighter’ is the title track of the album “The Clan Pt. 2 Guilty” released in 2016 and could be described as an explosive and motivating stadium-rock style of song. The rap parts are the most memorable moments hitting all the right chords. MONSTA X has switched parts for this song here (in the studio) and here (live). If you wish to get to know the group better, viewing these two videos is absolutely recommended!

Fernando Paradox has given us a great metal cover to listen to in repeat!


5. ‘GAMBLER’ – Guitar cover with official MV by “That Kpop Guitarist”

JooHoney was inspired by James Bond movies to write this blazing track, the first from MONSTA X’s 2021 album “One Of A Kind“. This is an alchemy of guitar, drumming and synths in a powerful instrumental arrangement, heightened by an artistically crafted movie-quality music video with an engaging plot and on-spot acting. “If you don’t know, now you know, deal.

That Kpop Guitarist is certainly paying a tribute to Monsta X with this cover!


6. ‘Trespass’ – Live rock cover by ONEUS, CRAVITY, & xikers at the KBS Music Bank Global Festival 2023

This specific cover seems to spike up the original with an explosive epic intro with strings that escalate throughout the song, converting MONSTA X’s debut into a tribute charged with jaw-dropping talent display. From the punchy way it starts off to its constant epic vibes, this cover is really on another level.

Kudos to these three boy groups who have revamped MONSTA X’s debut song!


7. ‘Alligator’ – Metal cover by Strifean

From MONSTA X’s album “Take.2 We Are Here“, this song is underscored by that brassy-sassy essence that is one of MONSTA X’s most representative styles. Watch out for JooHoney’s “Hallo, I’m an ali-alligator”, a rap line of unparalleled sassy grit. As for this metal cover, I was caught off guard! Reminiscent of Korn and Rammstein, this is true pedal to the metal. You can tell that Strifean puts a lot of creativity in his work.

An outstanding metal cover!

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