7 Female K-Pop Idols That Own Blonde Hair (Part 2)

7 Female K-Pop Idols That Own Blonde Hair (Part 2)

7 Female K-Pop Idols That Own Blonde Hair (Part 2)

A true fan might suspect one thing when their favourite group or idol changes their hair colour: a new comeback is coming. But sometimes, some idols just like to rock different hair colours to give themselves a new look. It’s not uncommon for idols to experiment with different hues and shades of colour on their hair. We’re definitely here for that, especially where the female idols are concerned.

In our last edition, we touched the “8 Female K-Pop Idols That Own Blonde Hair”, where we discussed how natural they looked rocking that light shade. In this edition, we’ll continue to highlight another 7 female K-Pop idols that own blonde hair, almost making it seem like it’s their natural shade. Some of these K-Pop idols are blonde hair veterans, no doubt.


Rose’s Instagram

Rosé definitely should’ve made the first list, so we’re putting her right on top to make up for her absence in the first edition. Rosé has rocked blonde hair for so many years now, occasionally alternating between a light pink or lilac colour. Still, fans know that when you mention blonde female K-Pop idols, Rosé instantly comes to mind. And why not? All different shades of blonde she tries, from cooler tones to warmer hues, look so effortlessly amazing on her, she might as well have been blonde at birth!


 7 Female K-Pop Idols That Own Blonde Hair (Part 2)

CL’s Instagram

Another idol and soloist that is certainly a blonde hair connoisseur. CL, being the supreme rapper and savage queen that she is, has been so many different shades of blonde since time immemorial. Her go-to shade— golden blonde, definitely does her features justice, highlighting her signature black eyeliner and matte lip. Being blonde suits CL so well, and not a single person has doubts about that.


Though a recent addition to the blonde squad, Lia certainly seems to be rocking the hair colour. Her chosen shade, which is a platinum blonde colour, gives an edge to Lia’s visuals that fans haven’t been fortunate to see before now. We’re definitely loving her new vibe, and she does seem to love this significant change as well. Just as aespa’s Karina made her short transition, we’re definitely rooting for more of blonde Lia.


There’s not one DIVE that didn’t scream for joy when blonde Liz recently made her return. We all adored Liz as the only blonde one in IVE during their debut because she looked even cuter with the hair colour. Liz makes being blonde look fun and effortless, so much so that being blonde created this dynamic persona of the idol on stage. To see her embracing her blonde side again is just utmost bliss.


We can actually count Sorn as yet another blonde veteran on the list. Yes, Sorn has been blonde since blonde was a thing too, much like Rosé and CL. The best part of Sorn being blonde for so long is her know-how and expertise when it comes to managing blonde hair. Fans might remember one of her videos on her YouTube channel years back, where she advices then-blonde Minnie on how to care for and treat bleached hair. If those weren’t the words of a pro in the blonde game, we don’t know what else is.


YuQi is one idol that totally fits with the blonde aesthetic. She’s been blonde for numerous comebacks, and the hair colour only seems to suit her the more she wears it. Also, being blonde gives YuQi this charm and allure that black hair somehow seems to miss. Her being blonde is so expected and natural to her fans now. In our books, that sure means she owns blonde hair, just as her fellow foreign member, ShuHua.

When ShuHua turned blonde, the entire fandom of Neverlands were in celebratory spirits. They—and we— all know just how against bleaching her hair ShuHua was, but when she decided it was time to go light, fans were in awe of her outstanding beauty. In an instant, she looked much more beautiful and mesmerising as a blonde idol. It was no news just how much more popular she got during the ‘Nxde’ promotions, and we completely understand. We were just as mesmerised by her new look, too.


What other female K-Pop idols do you think bring justice to blonde hair? Let us know in the comments!