7 Dreamy K-Pop Songs That Fans Have To Stream

There’s no shortage of K-Pop songs to listen to these days. Like every single day, there’s a release to anticipate or stream or watch. Fans of K-Pop music are never starved. Well, they’re/we’re not starved most of the time. And with the excitement of a new album or single comes the revelation as to what genre or the general mood of the song will be.

Lots of genres have been used and experimented upon by K-Pop music producers and composers. There are songs that are funky, groovy, pop punk, and even a classic electro Jersey club song (we’re talking ‘Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s wife’ here). All these songs give off different and totally enjoyable vibes. But in this article, however, we’re touching specifically on 7 dreamy K-Pop songs that every K-Pop music streamer must absolutely listen to. We advice making a personal relaxation playlist with these bangers, as well.


1. NewJeans – ‘Cool With You’ + ‘Ditto’

What’s so cool about ‘Cool With You’ is how they vocalize to the title of the song in the chorus. Even in the second pre-prechorus. The way their vocals sound is so beautiful to hear, and very soothing. A fact that the song isn’t quite long increases the dreamy quality, in our opinion. Because then, you just get more in love with the song that way.

‘Ditto’ caused quite the obsession among Korean and international fans when it was released, and duely of course. Not only is the choreography friendly to follow along to, the message behind the delicately sung lyrics make you just stop, listen and think. Captivating as the song is, with its soft and fast intervals between verses and chorus, it’s nothing short of mesmerizing to listen to. We absolutely love for that to be in your playlists.


Guaranteed, every single LOONA fan was elated for the comeback of ODD EYE CIRCLE, and the girls more than met up with expectations. This particular track on their album caught our attention with the subtlety of the beat. Combine with their heavenly vocals, the song came to literal life. We especially loved the ad libs in the chorus and the post-chorus, where Kim Lip and JinSoul vocalize like the talented singers they are. This song has the perfect balance of getting you to dance a little and just having you in awe of the vocals in it. To borrow some of JinSoul’s words from the song: the song is quite like chocolate.


3. Kep1er – ‘The Door’

Though this song is on the softer and faster side, it still has that dreamy quality to it. We believe the dreaminess in this excellently produced song by this survival show girl group is in the soft and high vocals combines with the dreamy pop beat. Of course, the song showcases the members’ smooth low register as well— in the bridge— but the charm lies in the verses and especially in the chorus. This song will make you dance and smile just from the beauty of it. It made us do the same, too.


4. IVE – ‘Lips’

As IVE’s title tracks are wonderful, so are their b-sides. This song is an absolute favorite of ours, among others. The Starship idols sing with a high and middle register, and their vocals make us want to float in the clouds. We might attest this positively lightheaded feeling to the lovely lyrics, but it’s also in the way they deliver the vocals and even the rap. All of it sounds so soft and intentional. As WonYoung asks in the chorus: what are you still deliberating over? You have more to gain if this sweet track is in one of your playlists.


5. LE SSERAFIM – ‘Sour Grapes’ + ‘Impurities’

The high, relaxed register they all sing in for ‘Sour Grapes’ makes this track the most dreamy we can ever imagine it. Let’s not forget that the song has a consistent melody that also somehow sounds monotonous in the verses and chorus, and this adds to the soothing points it’s racking in our playlist. They’re not doing much with their silky vocals, but the simplicity of the structure in the song is just what we love about it. A romantic fairytale indeed.

Nothing about ‘Impurities’ is impure, except the sheer ethereality of their vocals. Such clean vocals in this song makes it so dreamy, and it only gets more so when YunJin’s ad-libs in the last chorus come on. We couldn’t get enough of this song because of how beautiful and long-lasting the effect of listening to it is. If you haven’t already, you should definitely hop on board and stream this track.


Not only where Reveluvs (Red Velvet’s fans) excited for SeulGi’s solo debut last year, they/we were expectant for the songs on the album. The idol showcases just how talented of the vocalist she is as she sings in layered voices in different keys. The tranquil feel of her velvety vocals give in chorus and pre-chorus, as well as the sparseness of the instrumentals, might make you want to dance by the sea in a flowing dress (or whatever lovely article of clothing you own). This song does make you want to be anywhere but home.


7. Choi YeNa ft BE’O – ‘Love War’

“I just didn’t want to fight you”. We were already hooked on this first line when YeNa started singing. We bet you’d want to listen to the song just hearing this first line, too. The soft-fast tempo the song takes in her vocal delivery packs up on the dreamy vibe, and her vocals. Her whispered-like singing, almost like she’s vocalizing on her breath exhales, is so calmly effortless. Even BE’O’s rap is just as surreal as YeNa’s high, lovely voice. Our opinion? ‘Love War’ is a must-add to that playlist.


What other dreamy songs have you been loving in and outside your respective playlists? We’d love to know in the comments.