6 Magical Scenes From “My Lovely Liar” That Provide A Boost Of Serotonin

6 Magical Scenes From “My Lovely Liar” That Provide A Boost Of Serotonin

6 Magical Scenes From “My Lovely Liar” That Provide A Boost Of Serotonin

Are you fan of K-Dramas? Are you also a fan of K-Pop idols? Well, do we have great news for you!

Countless amazing dramas are currently airing or have already reached their climactic end in 2023. Among the many series, there are a few that revolve around the story of K-Pop idols chasing after their dreams and aspirations to become a singer. Don’t miss out on these amazing dramas that have been released or are currently slated to be premiere in 2023.

We will continue to update this list throughout the year as more news about these idol-centered dramas release, so stay tuned!

Web dramas are not included in this list and this is not a ranking.


1. “The Heavenly Idol”


When: February 15

Cast: Kim MinGue, Go BoGyeol, Lee JangWoo, Ye JiWon, Park SangNam, Choi JaeHyun, Shin MyungSung, Hong SeungBum, Shin KyuHyun

Summary: Pontifex Rembrary, a high ranking priest, finds himself in the body of Woo YeonWoo, a member of failing idol group Wild Animal. But due to a live music show accident, the public eye suddenly turns their attention onto the group. In order to return to his original body, Pontifex Rembrary must live as Woo YeonWoo and succeed as a K-Pop idol. Aside from his group members, there’s Kim Dal, Wild Animal’s new manager and Woo YeonWoo’s number one supporter. Together, they walk down the path to stardom while also combating an evil force.

Why Watch?: Pontifex Rembrary learning how to be a K-Pop idol is a sight to behold and wildly entertaining to watch. He definitely does not fit the mold of the typical idol, but his blunt straightforwardness and lack of knowledge on the industry is one of his charming points. Then, there’s the chemistry between Kim MinGue and Go BoGyeol that is heartwarming and sweet. The backstory between Kim Dal and Woo YeonWoo is touching, making you root for their happiness.


 4 K-Dramas About K-Pop Idols In 2023

Suzy Official Instagram / Blossom Entertainment

When: TBA

Cast: Suzy and Yang SeJong

Summary: Lee WonJoon is a college freshman. As soon as he moves into his new apartment, he runs into the beautiful Lee DooNa, a former K-Pop idol who has retired from the entertainment industry. He tries to avoid her at all costs, but finds himself falling into her charms, becoming more interested in her daily life.

Why Watch?: To be updated with the release of the first teaser


3. “CEO-dol Mart”

When: September 15

Cast: Lee SinYoung, EXO’s XiuMin, MONSTA X’s HyungWon, Choi JungWoon, Choi WonMyeong, Lee SaeOn, Kim ShaNa

Summary: The story revolves around idol group, Thunder Boys, who had to disband due to an unforeseen incident. Now, they are tasked with the challenge of managing a failing mart. A new chapter for these 5 young men begins, filled with chaotic happenings as they face the harsh reality of the end of their idol career.

Why Watch?: “CEO-dol Mart” looks to be the perfect mixture of light-hearted fun, a story of persistence, and a bond of friendship. As the Thunder Boys navigate life outside of being an idol, you’ll want to cheer them on as they make a constant effort to move towards a better tomorrow.


4. “Secret Playlist”

 4 K-Dramas About K-Pop Idols In 2023

“Secret Playlist” on Naver Webtoon

When: TBA

Cast: TBA

Summary: HanJu is an ordinary university student, living a normal life. But what people don’t know is that she is secretly the up-and-coming Metube cover artist PLII. One day, popular boy group member Levi takes notice of PLII and requests to collaborate. Hanju goes to all lengths in order to keep her hidden identity. But as they work together, her secret begins to unravel.

Why Watch?: To be updated with the release of the first teaser


“My Lovely Liar” is not about idols, but the second female lead played by Lee SiWoo is an idol soloist. She performs on music stages, award ceremonies, and maintains an unrequited love with main lead character Kim DoHa, played by Hwang MinHyun.