6 Korean Actors With The Most Attractive Deep Speaking Voices

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In our opinion (and perhaps that of global fans as well) there are endless reasons why we deem many of our favorite K-Drama actors attractive. From their handsome good looks to their fantastic acting skills, personalities, philanthropic works, physiques, and even their sense of humor. All of these points or charms that are displayed by these stars do not just pique our interest in them but also earn them a place in our hearts as well.

Another point that might not be as prominent as the rest but impactful nonetheless is the speaking voice of these stars, particularly those with deep voices. Ever watched a drama and hear the deep voice of one of the actors? The effect of said voice always borders on a feeling of shock and awe that is swiftly turned into admiration and intrigue as you want to get to know the actor better.

The voice of an actor definitely adds to their appeal and makes them even more attractive as well. Here are some of the famous male actors with the most attractive deep-speaking voices.

1. Lee SunKyun

The famous actor is well known among fans and actors alike, not just for his outstanding acting skills but for his very distinctive voice. It is a powerful and well-recognized trait he possesses that has earned him the nickname “The Voice” in South Korea. Richly deep and thoroughly captivating, listening to the famous actor speak should perhaps come with a warning that reads “you have to be seated as you might be in an entranced state while listening to this.”

Kim MinGue has become a global heartthrob today much thanks to his handsome features, expressive acting abilities, and a long list of loveable charms as well, one of which is no doubt his deep speaking voice. Perhaps the word “attractive” is coursing through his veins as every trait he possesses makes the heart of everyone swell with love and admiration of him.

Lee SooHyuk can turn everyone into an attentive listener as he has the type of voice that makes you want to listen to him talk for eons. Deep and strong yet smooth and soulful, we are not shocked that he is a favorite for many fantasy dramas because his voice is the kind that we all rightly attribute to a powerful and compelling mystical being.

For this writer, one of the reasons why “Dali And The Cocky Prince” was very enjoyable and have a great rewatch value is because of Kim MinJae and his deep voice. With every sound he makes, he piques your curiosity and always elicits a response that ranges from “being awe-stricken to having a bright smile and feeling your heart racing with excitement”.

Much like his exterior or physique, Wi HaJun has a very strong and deep speaking voice that is just as attractive and mesmerizing. Do not let his boyish visuals or his cheery bright smile fool you too much because when he speaks, he often creates a sense of shock and awe as you’d perhaps not expect him to have a voice that deep. And somehow, it always sounds deeper when he speaks in Satoori (local dialect).

There is a reason why he is not just a loveable actor but also a popular host and variety show star as well. And we are not talking about his dreamy visuals here. His deep baritone voice feels like a magnetic pull that makes you want to pay keen attention to every word he says, even though you might be more intuned with how strong and silky he sounds than the words themselves.

Which of these actors has the most attractive speaking voice? Let us know in the comments section.