6 Iconic BAE173’s HanGyul Moments That Still Makes Our Hearts Flutter

How do we introduce BAE173’s HanGyul? We would start by calling him an incredibly talented idol with a vast and ever-growing skill set that always leaves many in a state that ranges from “awe” to “a deep feeling of admiration and appreciation” of him. In our opinion, HanGyul continues to earn great recognition amongst global fans, who have been expressively pleased with the colors of his charms, and his clear determination and consistency for growth and becoming even more than the last moment we saw him.

Speaking of moments, the words viral and iconic have always been affiliated with many of HanGyul’s moments. Right ever since he came on our screens as the doe-eyed trainee seeking to achieve his dreams as an idol during his participation at the Mnet competition show “Produce x 101” till today, as a bonafide performer and impressive vocalist who steadily earns the admiration of global fans, there have been countless moments where he has left many stunned or just in a state of happiness because of his actions.

From an iconic photoshoot to a jaw-dropping performance, here are some of the iconic BAE173’s HanGyul moments that will make your heart flutter for him.

1. This ‘Cherry Bomb’ performance

Now, we very well know that delivering a memorable and iconic performance is part of HanGyul’s repertoire, but the slayage of this particular dance cover is just one step above iconic. From his captivating expressions to his fluid movements that we can simply tag as entrancing and his incredible take on NCT TaeYong’s iconic part, HanGyul simply ate this dance cover performance. And even though we are not surprised because he brings it every time, we are still in awe and respect for him. P.S. the whole dance cover is also iconic in our opinion, as all the members scored an A+ for this one.

2. This BLANC POOL photoshoot


  6 Iconic BAE173's HanGyul Moments That Still Makes Our Hearts Flutter


HanGyul is a VISUAL! There is simply no denying that and we would say that in this aspect, he is sadly underappreciated because his face is one that clearly deserves to be on the covers and adverts of every kind of product or brand, particularly, beauty and skincare. Stunning to say the least, this BLANC POOL photoshoot still evokes a feeling of thrill and excitement no matter how many times we see it. Check out the making film playlist here.

3. Learn how to twerk with HanGyul

Fans know that HanGyul is witty and capable of expressing himself in ways that will leave you bawling with laughter. In many variety shows, he brings his wits to full display as his actions and expressions are always entertaining. One of the said appearances was on Edward Avilla‘s YouTube video, where he showed us that even idols can twerk and let loose. An instant viral and iconic moment, it is not every day we get to see male K-Pop idols doing this dance move or simply executing it with the same level of finesse as HanGyul does.

4. The ‘Hey Mama’ dance challenge

@official__bae173 Hey Mama won’t leave my head… #BAE173 #HANGYUL #Hangyeol #noze #LEGS #heymama ♬ Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack) – David Guetta

Legs‘s iconic ‘Hey Mama‘ choreography led to many viral dance challenges, with many stars even participating in them. While many did an impressive job, there is a level of panache and flair that HanGyul brings with his covers that makes his version always better.

He also performed it on stage at the “2021 K-Culture Festival“, and in both scenarios, he delivered a remarkable performance.

5. ‘SOUL’ era

Nobody embraces or delivers the dark concept with the same level of charm and power that HanGyul does. While he has shown his talents can easily fit into any kind of concept, there is something more enthralling about HanGyul in a dark concept that thoroughly captivates you. And one of the eras where he truly shines in this concept was during the H&D ‘SOUL’ era.

From his charismatic expressions and his amazing vocals and sensual motions, HanGyul keeps your eyes fixated on him throughout the music video and the stage performances for the song as well. Also, his chemistry with DoHyon is simply the best, and we love it.

6. These “THE STAR” and “Marie Claire” photoshoots

Like we mentioned earlier, HanGyul is a visual, one that duly deserves to be on the face of many brands and products. We would also add magazines to that list as his visuals deserve to be plastered and appreciated on numerous platforms. Striking his best model poses and showcasing his charismatic expressions, these amazing photoshoots are simply proof that HanGyul deserves to be in more editorials as he has the prime look and aura of a model. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage from the “THE STAR” photoshoot below.

And this fun dance cover as well.

Which of these moments is your favorite? Are there any more we have missed? Let us know in the comments section.