6 Gorgeous Brown-Eyed Korean Celebs

6 Gorgeous Brown-Eyed Korean Celebs

6 Gorgeous Brown-Eyed Korean Celebs

SEVENTEEN took a groundbreaking step at the UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris, becoming the first musical act to have an entire session dedicated to them. The event drew around 1,300 attendees from across the world, including UNESCO representatives, youth delegates, and significant figures like Audrey Azoulay, Gabriela Ramos, and Dr. Han KyungKoo.

Their session, which was also streamed live on UNESCO’s YouTube channel, sparked a social media frenzy. Fans flooded platforms, propelling SEVENTEEN to the top of the trends in France, “UNESCO” to No. 1 in Korea, and their hashtag “#SVT_totheworld_UNESCO” to the 5th spot worldwide.

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Members SeungKwan, Jun, WooZi, MinGyu, Joshua, and Vernon took the stage to articulate how their unity as a team has been instrumental in achieving dreams they could only have imagined individually. They made a heartfelt commitment to continue supporting the aspirations of young people globally.

We want to make sure that no young people, no matter who they are or where they’re coming from, ever give up on their dreams or get discouraged. We believe that by supporting people’s dreams, we are also spreading positivity and hope.

We have already experienced what it’s like to make your dreams come true by coming together in solidarity for positive change. We hope that our actions through UNESCO will reach young people everywhere, who are fostering, reaffirming, and acting on their dreams, even as we speak.

Their performance of tracks like ‘_WORLD’, ‘Darl+ing’, ‘Headliner’, ‘God of Music’, and ‘Together’ not only captivated the audience but also echoed the message of hope and positivity that has been a hallmark of SEVENTEEN’s career.

SEVENTEEN's Talks About Unity And Hope At Their Groundbreaking Moment At

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Prior to the forum, PLEDIS Entertainment, UNESCO, and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO solidified their partnership through a memorandum of understanding (MOU). This expansion builds upon the ‘ #GoingTogether’ campaign initiated by SEVENTEEN and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO in support of education and youth initiatives. Their efforts have included donation campaigns and directing part of their concert proceeds towards educational aid for children in Malawi.

SEVENTEEN’s philanthropic efforts have been consistent over the years. Even before collaborating with UNESCO, they’ve been annually contributing to children’s organizations since their debut in 2017.

Renowned for their upbeat energy, SEVENTEEN recently made history in the K-pop scene. Their album, FML, became the best-selling album in K-pop history, reaching 6.2 million copies within just two months of its release. Their latest album, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN, signifies not just musical celebration but also a shared journey with their fans. It aims to emphasize the joy of togetherness and continue spreading hope and happiness—a mission that’s at the core of SEVENTEEN’s ethos.

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