5 Times Mystery Thriller K-Drama “Longing For You” Kept Us At The Edge Of Our Seats So Far

5 Times Mystery Thriller K-Drama “Longing For You” Kept Us At The Edge Of Our Seats So Far

5 Times Mystery Thriller K-Drama “Longing For You” Kept Us At The Edge Of Our Seats So Far

Despite summer nearing its end, ENA K-Drama “Longing For You” continues to keep things hot with its thrilling mystery and suspense. The series sees Na InWoo and Kim JiEun as two of the drama’s most central characters. Within the cast there’s also Kwon YulBae JongOkLee KyuHanJung SangHoon, and the ever-so-talented Ren (Choi MinGi).

The story follows Oh JinSung (Na InWoo), a cheerful police officer, and his close friend, Go YoungJoo (Kim JiEun), a persistent prosecutor. Together, they join a special investigations team to unravel a serial murder case. However, as they work through the evidence, they are confronted by long-buried secrets from JinSung’s own family.

After being on air for several weeks, “Longing For You” has presented audiences with an outpouring of action and mystery. Every week, the drama presents numerous answers to various questions that has kept everyone in the dark. Remaining true to its name, the end of every episode has fans longing to see what happens next and whether or not the drama’s secrets will finally unfold.

While the drama has yet to end, there have been multiple moments our heart has raced at a million miles an hour. Here are five times “Longing For You” has kept us at the very edge of our seats.

Note: spoilers ahead!


1. Oh JinWoo Is Brought In As A Suspect

Oh JinWoo (Ren) has both the looks and aura of innocence that says he wouldn’t hurt a fly. This preconceived notion makes him being brought in as a suspect all the more surprising. His interactions with his family and those around him paints him in an incredibly positive light. And while he’s later proven innocent, you cannot help but anxiously wait for prosecutor Cha YoungWoon (Kwon Yul) to release all his suspicions.


2. Misfortune On A Rainy Day

With Oh JinWoo’s return to innocence, you truly believe that there’s only an upward trajectory left for him and his family. His time as a suspect will surely become a tiny speck in their memories as the story continues forward.

However, both audience and cast are caught by surprise the moment they find out JinWoo is critically injured and remains unconscious at the hospital. Despite the warning signs, you begin to hope for the power of K-Drama magic that everything will be fine and that Oh JinWoo will happily appear on screen once again.


3. Oh JinSung Stumbles Upon Crucial Evidence

After reopening the drama’s central case, the special investigation team look far and wide to uncover evidence linking the true criminal to their heinous crimes. While they encountered various obstacles and were constantly outdone by Bae MinGyu (Jung SangHoon) and his assemblyman father, Oh JinSung finally discovers what they’ve been desperately looking for.

At Park KiYoung’s (Lee KyuHan) residence, he finds various weapons and memorabilia from the various crimes. The discovery of this leaves viewers speechless and waiting with bated breath as the special investigation time is on track to capturing the real suspects.


4. Prosecutor Go YoungJoo Is Abducted


Tensions couldn’t be running any higher as the entire police force and more rallied together in order to capture both Bae MinGyu and Park KiYoung. And while many might have thought that things could not possibly get any worse, “Longing For You” quickly proves them wrong.

The moment she steps outside of her apartment unit, Go YoungJoo is immediately captured and abducted by Bae MinGyu. While en route to a rendezvous point, YoungJoo makes a valiant effort to escape. However, when she fails to do so and is recaptured by Park KiYoung, audiences cannot help but gasp in horror. Thus begins the anxious waiting for any indication of our beloved main lead’s safety.


5. Cha YoungWoon’s His Family Tree Revealed

With Bae MinGyu captured and Park KiYoung supposedly dead, things seem to be looking up for the special investigations team. However, they come face to face with another hurdle: the truth behind Oh JinWoo’s death. After much effort, they find that JinWoo’s passing is tied to Cha YoungWoon’s family and Jinjin Medical.

The prosecutor’s family tree is thus revealed, exposing the fact that JinWoo is actually YoungWoon’s half brother. This revelation sends shivers down everyone’s spine as the drama continues unveiling the truth and Jinjin Medical’s connection to it all.

“Longing For You” has continued to provide one mind-blowing moment after another, raising the heart rate of audiences across the globe.

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