5 Times LE SSERAFIM Showed Off Their Chaotic Bond

5 Times LE SSERAFIM Showed Off Their Chaotic Bond

There’s no FIMILY without chaos.

Any fan of LE SSERAFIM knows they’re one of the funniest idol groups of today. From variety shows to lives, here are five fan-favorite moments that prove LE SSERAFIM’s close bond is as irreplaceable as it is a joy to see.

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1. Fearless… Even in games.

In episode 8 of their original variety show, LENIVERSE, the girls make their way to a PC cafe to play games together. One of these games includes a feature to make the characters lie down. What is their first reaction?

Recreate the intro of their choreography for “FEARLESS”, of course.

The creators of the game, Gang Beasts, even created their version of the “FEARLESS” intro!

2. The Star and Her Staff

Their second show, DAYOFF, features LE SSERAFIM going on vacation, one of these places being Jeju Island. While the members sported all-black outfits, Eunchae was clad in colorful pajamas, in which they joked that they looked like an idol with her staff.

The four elder members hilariously played the part for their youngest member.

Months later, the girls did it once again as they dressed as bodyguards for celebrity Eunchae on the way to Music Bank.

LE SSERAFIM on their way to music bank as Eunchae’s bodyguards | @tenasia10/Youtube

3. Kazuha vs. Korean

Everyone knows learning new languages isn’t easy. Being a group with Japanese and Korean members, learning each other’s languages proves no different, but it can also be fun together.

Kazuha has come far in her Korean skills since the start of her career. But we can’t deny that her slip-ups can be both adorable and relatable for Korean learners. For example, her attempt at writing bungee jump as bungee jeep made the members burst into laughter.

LE SSERAFIM Company Episode 2 | @LESSERAFIM_official/Youtube

When playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Kazuha simply mumbles after not knowing the words. An amused Yunjin chimes in, only to realize she wasn’t exactly correct either.

4. Yume De Kiss Me

Sakura had a prosperous career before her time in both LE SSERAFIM and former Produce48 group, IZ*ONE. But, before her start in K-Pop, she had previously been part of a J-Pop group called AKB48 and their sister group, HKT48. If there’s one thing about LE SSERAFIM, is that they’ll never let Sakura forget her roots.

Sakura performing Yume De Kiss Me at AKB48 Group West East Taikou Uta Gassen in 2016. | @oshikura4080/Youtube

“Yume De Kiss Me” is a solo song Sakura performed in 2016 during her time in AKB48. The members love to sing it to tease the eldest member, even going as far as singing it to her for her birthday during LE SSERAFIM’s first official fanmeet.

5. What’s Mine Is Also Yours

LE SSERAFIM appeared on a Japanese variety talk show and discussed their living habits with each other. When asked what rules they set together, the host is left speechless when Sakura answers with, “What’s mine is also yours.”

She goes on to explain that they share each other’s clothes and shared the story of Yunjin’s missing T-shirt.

The good news is that Yunjin ended up finding it! Only after Chaewon posted a selfie online wearing it.

Chaewon taking a selfie wearing Yunjin’s shirt. | Weverse
Yunjin’s reply to Chaewon’s selfie in her shirt. | Weverse

It’s no doubt that LE SSERAFIM are close, and connect with each other by their playful personalities, much like sisters do.