5 Times CRAVITY’s WooBin Impressed Us With His Sweet Uplifting Vocals

Debuting in 2020, Starship Entertainment boy group CRAVITY are composed of nine immensely talented members who have consolidated their skills in the key areas of K-Pop performance; vocals, rap and dance. They are passionate about their job as idols, crafting each performance to the highest quality it can possibly be. 

Not only do they give it their all in their own songs but in that of other artists as well. For their YouTube series “C-Plus+” and “C-LOG”, CRAVITY have produced several vocal covers of songs by artists both within and outside of K-Pop. 

These are just nine of their best vocal covers.

Note: This is not a ranking.


1. ‘Lemon’, sung by WonJin and HyeongJun

WonJin and HyeongJun paired up to sing one of the most popular songs in the Asian music scene in recent years, ‘Lemon’ by Kenshi Yonezu. Both members have such sweet voices that really brought out the melancholy of the song. There is also an adorable video of the two of them fooling around as students accompanying the joy of their voices.


2. ‘goodnight, dear’, sung by Allen

If you want something gentle and comforting to listen to before sleeping, Allen’s superb cover of Young K’s delicate song ‘goodnight, dear’ is perfect. Everything about this cover highlighted the warmth and sincerity of the song from Allen’s tender vocals to the fact that the recording, video and translations were all by him. Despite him being one of the group’s main rappers, his vocals showed there is no limit to his talent as an all-round performer. Just read the lyrics as you listen to his voice and you’ll be asleep in no time.


3. ‘Chandelier’, sung by WooBin

Main vocalist WooBin covered one of the most famous pop songs ever to exist – Chandelier by Sia. The song is known for its high notes but with WooBin’s skill level, he hit each note with ease. It was a stripped back version of the song with only a simple piano instrumental to allow his voice to be the star of the performance.


4. ‘Galaxy’, sung by SeRim

SeRim’s cover of ‘Galaxy’ by Bolbbalgan4 is another clear example of how the rappers of CRAVITY are also outstanding vocalists. Undoubtedly, we have all heard this famous song somewhere at least once but after listening to SeRim’s voice, you won’t be able to move on from this version of it.


5. ‘Hype Boy’, sung by WonJin

WonJin recently covered the infamous ‘Hype Boy’ by NewJeans. As a laidback and easy-to-listen-to track, WonJin injected his own mellow and youthful colour into it with his sweet voice. He sang the song with a slightly swaggy demeanour, leaving listeners entranced with this rendition.


6. ‘Sudden Rain’, sung by JungMo

Anyone who knows CRAVITY will know that JungMo’s speaking voice is quite soft and mild. This quality in his voice persisted in his singing voice as he took on Eric Nam’s heartfelt and poignant OST, ‘Sudden Rain’. One listen to his voice will be enough to understand his appeal as one of the group’s vocalists.


7. ‘Spring Day’, sung by JungMo, MinHee, SeRim and Allen

Vocalists JungMo and MinHee and rappers SeRim and Allen grouped up for their cover of BTS’ ‘Spring Day’. JungMo and MinHee did a wonderful job of embodying the song’s sentimentality while SeRim and Allen supported the song with their passionate rap. The group, particularly JungMo, looks up to BTS and they surely did one of their biggest songs justice.


8. ‘Little Star’, sung by MinHee

‘Little Star’ by Standing Egg is such an angelic song with the sweetest lyrics you’ll ever hear in a song. While MinHee’s voice is soft and gentle, it has a subtle manly undertone. With a voice like that and lyrics such as ‘You’re my love, my everything, An angel from the heavens, You stole my two eyes, my world, Little star, Tonight, I will protect you all night’, who better to sing this than MinHee? 


9. ‘My First and Last’, sung by HyeongJun, SeongMin, SeRim and Allen

CRAVITY also has diversity in their cover performances. The two cuties of the group, HyeongJun and SeongMin, sang NCT DREAM’s ‘My First and Last’ for something fresh and upbeat. SeRim and Allen also joined them to share the rap parts. They flawlessly brought to life the innocent spirit of a first love. 

If you liked the covers included in the list, check out their other covers on “C-Plus+” and “C-LOG” on their official YouTube channel.