5 Reasons To Check Out TXT

5 Reasons To Check Out TXT's 'Back For More'

Produced by a dream team of Tyler Spry, Ryan Tedder, and Slow Rabbit, TXT (Tomorrow X Together) and Brazilian Funk star Anitta have released their highly-anticipated collaboration, ‘Back for More.’ Unveiled as a pre-release single for TXT’s upcoming album “The Name Chapter: FREEFALL,” the track has already caught fire across the world. Featuring a captivating music video and catchy lyrics, ‘Back for More’ will soon be followed by several remix versions. Here are the top reasons you won’t want to miss this revolutionary musical collaboration. 1. TXT x Anitta’s Performance at the VMAs The song kicked off its journey with a live performance at the “2023 MTV Video Music Awards”. Not only did this debut set high expectations for the collaboration and TXT’s forthcoming album, but it also solidified TXT’s growing influence in the global music scene. The group earned four nominations at this year’s VMAs, including Best K-Pop and Push Performance of the Year, walking away with the award for Push Performance of the Year. 2. Addictive Choreography The accompanying music video takes place in an auditorium, showcasing TXT members—SooBin, YeonJun, BeomGyu, TaeHyun, and HueningKai—as they deliver an expert choreography performance. Each member is highlighted in a stunning light, adding an extra layer of visual appeal to their already impressive performance. Along with Anitta’s powerful stage presence, the intricate choreography is enough to make you want to watch it again and again. https://twitter.com/vmas/status/1701801064868048962   3. Lyrics That Stay with You Notably, the song is equipped with an irresistibly catchy chorus. With lines like, “If you walk out that door, I can see you comin’ back for more,” it provides a hook that sticks in your mind. This aspect alone ensures that the song isn’t just momentarily entertaining; it’s memorable. On the other hand, Anitta brings a deeper emotional layer. She contributes sultry lines such as, “Don’t wanna feel nobody/ If it isn’t you, baby.” Her verse not only adds a dash of sensuality but also complements the overarching theme of longing and affection. https://twitter.com/Genius_kor/status/1702535209605034360   4. A Variety of Musical Styles Craving more? Good news! A rich array of remixes are now available! TXT Version This special rendition not only emphasizes the group’s unique vocal blend but notably showcases YeonJun and HueningKai’s powerful vocal prowess. It’s a pure treat for those who relish in the depths of TXT’s vocal abilities and harmonies. House Remix First up is a house remix, perfect for those who enjoy the pulsating rhythms and energetic beats that are staples of house music. This version amps up the tempo, adding layers of electronic beats and synths to transform ‘Back for More’ into a dance floor anthem. Afrobeats Remix If you’re a fan of the vibrant, rhythm-centric sounds of Afrobeats, this remix is designed for you. Infusing the song with the unique percussive elements and rhythms that characterize Afrobeats, this version offers a fresh, lively take on ‘Back for More,’ making it suitable for not just listening but also for dancing. These remixes are more than