5 Live Performances From Xdinary Heroes That Have Made Us Speechless

5 Live Performances From Xdinary Heroes That Have Made Us Speechless

5 Live Performances From Xdinary Heroes That Have Made Us Speechless

Are you also curious about fellow K-Pop fans?! Let’s hear their stories and interests in Kpopmap Fan Interview Project.

There are K-Pop fans across the globe who share the same passion. But on online platforms, it is hard to know about each other’s stories and K-Pop life. Even if we are in the same fandom, it is hard to get to know each other.

So at Kpopmap, we started the Kpopmap Fan Interview Project to get to know more about K-Pop fans from different countries: more about their K-Pop life and tastes and to give them the opportunity to share with our readers about their favorite group(s) and bias.


Angel from the Philippines is the next fan to answer our questions. She is a fan of Xdinary Heroes, particularly of GaOn! Check out how she entered the fandom, the songs and content she advises to new fans, and much more!

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Can you introduce yourself? Where are you from?

Hey, Kpopmap readers! I’m Angel, but most people refer to me as “G” online. I’m a 20 year-old VILLAIN from the Philippines.


How and when did you enter the fandom?

Before becoming a VILLAIN, I was also a long-time My Day (DAY6 fandom). That’s why as soon as I heard the news about JYPE planning to debut a new idol band, I’ve always been on the lookout for any further announcements. The moment I truly entered the fandom, however, was when JooYeon’s debut teaser was released. I just had a good feeling about the musical direction they were going to take from that teaser alone.


What are the reasons why you love your favorite group?

For starters, they make hella good music. Their debut song, ‘Happy Death Day’, was just a taste of what they were capable of. It was their only song for seven months, but I’m proud to say that I’ve never gotten tired of it. They came back seven months later with their first mini album “Hello, World!”, which solidified my faith in their music a hundred times more. The best thing about this whole ordeal is that all the members actively participate in making their songs. Another reason–and I know this may come off as heavily biased– is that I am the same age as four of the members, GaOn, O.de, JunHan, and JooYeon. It almost feels like we’re navigating our early 20s together. They’ve already taken the path they want in life, so the more I see them, the more I get inspired to follow their footsteps.


Who caught your attention at first and why?

GaOn caught my attention first, and it was from his “Origin of Xdinary Heroes” video. I knew nothing about him other than the fact that his stage name was GaOn, but as cheesy as it sounds, my eyes were glued to him through the whole teaser. When he started playing guitar with his broom was when I decided I’m going to keep my eyes on him.


Who is your bias, and why?

I was able to keep my word after almost a year of being a VILLAIN, and so I’m happy to say that my bias is GaOn. At first, it boiled down mostly to visuals and his talent in playing guitar, but as more content was released and we got to see bits and pieces of their personality, I really started to admire him. Most people’s first impressions of him will be silly or funny and I agree. Above all, though, he’s extremely sweet and reliable. He’s also full of gratitude to the members, the fans, and his family. He takes every opportunity to remind VILLAIN that we’re doing well, and that we should always stay healthy. I often think that I’ve found a best friend in him.


Can you recommend a title track and a B-side track for new fans?

The title track I would recommend is ‘Happy Death Day’. It’s my personal favorite, and for a good reason: It shows the musical direction Xdinary Heroes will take in 3 minutes and 40 seconds. As for the b-side, I’d like to recommend ‘Strawberry Cake’. Rather than having me explain why I recommended it, I think it’s best if you just listen and see! 😉


Can you recommend a fancam, V Live, cover video, cover dance, or individual content video of your bias to our readers?

I want to recommend GaOn’s very legendary birthday V live! I won’t spoil much, but warning: It’s gonna be LOUD.


Can you also do the same type of recommendation for the group?

Xdinary Heroes has a variety show called “Rock the World”! There are new episodes every Thursday on their YouTube channel. It has just the right amount of cute and unhinged, and I think it’s a good watch for people who want to see more of their personalities and group dynamics.


Can you share with us one of your favorite lyrics?

“I don’t give up, With both feet on the ground, Cowards suit up now, You would see what, The world you know will turn upside down” – ‘Sucker Punch’


Are there any words from the members you would like to share?

“I want to tell everyone they’re all important people. Nobody is of no good. Everyone has their own story.” – GaOn


What is your favorite group/bias’ influence on your daily life?

Because of Xdinary Heroes, I got motivated to learn Korean. It’s not formal learning per se, but the more I watch their content, the easier it gets to understand the language. Because of this, I tried to push myself out of my comfort zone and occasionally share translations of their content here and there.


Can you share a fun episode that only fans from your fandom know to readers?

Rather than a single episode, it’s more of a well-known thing amongst fans. Xdinary Heroes have this tradition in which they give a heck ton of kisses to the member celebrating his birthday. All the members have already celebrated this year, and the next one in line for the birthday kisses is GaOn who’s going to celebrate his birthday on January 14th. I’m sure everyone’s anticipating if they’ll carry on with the tradition for 2023 as well.


What is your favourite way of communicating with your bias?

Although it’s a paid service, my favorite has to be Bubble. I feel like I’m learning more and more about GaOn as the days go by, what with the constant thank you’s, I love you’s, and TMIs.


If you have a chance to cook for the group, what will you cook for them?

I’ll definitely take the chance to make them some of my Filipino dishes – Sisig, Dinuguan, you name it! I have no idea how to cook, but if I do get the chance to do this for them, I’ll have to figure out how to make these dishes really well.


What is your favorite side of fangirling/fanboying?

Laughing when they laugh, crying when they cry, the thrill of waiting for their comeback, watching their content at the end of the hard day. There’s so much I can think of, but my favorite one is definitely the internet friends I’ve made through the months (I’m not sure if I can do this, but hello, Juls and Ten! Thanks for pushing me to do this! :D).


Angel’s message to GaOn:

Hey, GaOn! Just to give you a taste of your own medicine, I want to tell you that you’re important. Just like many people, I’m rooting for you now just like how I always have and always will, so don’t worry about anything– just do what you want to do, make the music you want to make, and live a life full of happiness. 지석아 넌 충분히 잘하고 있어!!! 우리가 항상 옆에 있으니까 너무 걱정하지마!!! 사랑해… ♡

Thank you for answering our questions, Angel.


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