5+ Korean Celebrities That All-Filipino K-Pop Idol Group HORI7ON Has Met

5+ Korean Celebrities That All-Filipino K-Pop Idol Group HORI7ON Has Met

It’s impressive!

HORI7ON, the first all-Filipino K-Pop group to debut in Korea, is already collaborating with many other artists. Much to the delight of fans, they regularly share dance challenges with both senior and rookie idols on their social media accounts.

HORI7ON | @hori7onofficial/Instagram

In no particular order, here are 5+ celebrities HORI7ON has met so far!

1. Kwon Eunbi

“Waterbomb Goddess” Kwon Eunbi and HORI7ON’s visual, Kyler, treated fans to a feast for the eyes with this collaboration.


“KICK-START” singers ICHILLIN’ executed the “SIX7EEN” challenge like pros.

3. n.SSign

Kazuta from fellow rookie boy group n.SSign could have passed as another member of HORI7ON with his insane dance skills as he performed beside the Filipino members.

4. The Wind

Next, the members of male group The Wind flawlessly pulled off the boyish vibe of the song with their natural charm.

5. Lapillus

Sister group Lapillus has excitingly collaborated with the members for their debut album, and the song is just perfect for them!

6. Sandara Park

Last but not the least, “Pambansang Krung Krung ng Pilipinas” Sandara Park was able to meet the Filipino boy group in a recent episode of 100 Days Miracle called “We are SIX7EEN.”


The members also danced along to her recent comeback “FESTIVAL,” showing off their strong respect for the 2NE1 singer who is their senior in both countries.

Meanwhile, watch the full episode below.