5 K-Pop Idols Who Would Make A Perfect Podcast Host

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While radio talk shows still remain relevant and a big part of the media, many more outlets have opened up where two parties can have an honest conversation. By honest, we mean without restrictions. Although the airwaves is the perfect place to promote music and talk about various subjects, there are certain rules in place that can prevent hosts and guests from really digging deep into hard-hitting subject matter.

That’s where podcasts come in. These conversation focused programs allow its participants to dig a little deeper into various subject matters. Everyone involved is able to talk a little bit more freely and shed light on certain topics that might be considered taboo on the radio.

But like every program, a podcast needs a host. Someone who can facilitate a conversation and is not afraid to share their innermost thoughts.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some K-Pop idols who would make a perfect podcast host!

  5 K-Pop Idols Who Would Make A Perfect Podcast Host

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WOODZ is an artist who is hip and trendy, yet introspective with many thoughts. He’s participated in a few interviews that demonstrate his depth as a person, showing that there’s more to him than the amazing singer we see on stage. WOODZ has previously appeared on a number of different podcasts, and even stepped in as a special DJ a few times for “Idol Radio“. With this experience, he could very well host his own podcast if he ever wanted to.

RoWoon is known for his thoughtfulness and kind, genuine heart. He exudes a sincerity that’s not only evident in his actions, but in his speech as well. Even at 26, he has spoken numerous words of wisdom that act as a form of motivation for many. Avid listeners would surely gain a lifetime supply of encouragement by listening to a podcast hosted by RoWoon.

Not every podcast needs to be serious and filled with heartfelt discussion. Sometimes laughter could be the perfect remedy for a difficult day. That’s where KeeHo comes in with his well-known chaotic energy. Currently, he is a rising icon of the MZ generation with his innate sass and flair. Even if it were a solo podcast, we are certain he would not run out of things to talk about. Now, how fast can we make this KeeHo podcast a reality?

Felix is a big ball of sunshine, both on and off stage. His energy is absolutely infectious and noticeable from miles away. This amazing aura, coupled with his alluring voice would make a deadly combo as a podcast host. It would be a treat to listen to the idol talk for hours on a variety of topics. If his past appearances on interviews and podcasts were any indicator, it would be a fun time from start to finish.

Whether he’s speaking or singing, JaeHyun’s vocal tone is completely mesmerizing. His voice is like a sweet lullaby you would love to hear every night. As a podcast host, his soothing voice would make his guests feel at ease and comfortable talking about all sorts of topics. The idol also has an excellent command over the English language, which could be accredited to the time he spent in the U.S. during his childhood. We would listen to a JaeHyun-hosted podcast any day!

What other K-Pop idols could you imagine as podcast hosts? Let us know in the comments!