5 K-Pop Idols Currently Turning Heads With Their Orange Hair

5 K-Pop Idols Currently Turning Heads With Their Orange Hair

5 K-Pop Idols Currently Turning Heads With Their Orange Hair

By now, we know how K-Pop idols and stylists pay attention to details. May it be in performance, outfits, or accessories, nothing is meaningless. From photoshoots to stage appearances, idols are always showing up with new and intriguing clothes and accessories. We often pay attention to their hair styling, hair color, and even rings, but we often miss their unique pair of earrings. Most of the time, when idols wear earrings, they have some unique designs to them.

Idols like to be extravagant with their outfits, and wearing uncommon earrings is one way to do it! Plus apart from serving looks, those idols give us some inspiration and creative ideas to make similar accessories. Because not all items worn by idols are affordable or available, it’s easier to try making DIY versions of them. So let’s see 7 earrings with unique designs worn by male idols, on and off sage.

Note: this is not a ranking.



ONEUS is in the middle of its promotion, and in their “Mcountdown” most recent stage, Xion wore an earring that not only amazingly pretty but also suited the group’s new concept very much. With the little white perl on the middle of the round earring, Xion looks like a merman right out of the sea. Next time you want to try a mermaid look, remember to add Xion’s earrings to your outfit!


 7 Male K-Pop Idols Who Wore Earrings With Original Designs


This popular group is making everyone look at them with their insane visuals and talent. Last month, Sung HanBin had the opportunity to perform on a special solo stage on “Mcountdown”, and both his performance and outfit were unforgettable. And if his outfit was already quite uncommon, his earrings were also made in such a shape that we had never seen before on any K-Pop idol. As expected from the shining star of ZEROBASEONE, he never goes with the classics.


YeonJun is known for being TXT’s fashion icon, and his participation in the 2021 New York Fashion Week is just proof of it. While fashion week is mostly about clothes designs, accessories also play an important role. And we cannot forget about YeonJun’s unique pair of earrings for that occasion. While many fans compared it to the shape of a tea bag, this piece of jewelry worn by YeonJun was very effective for the vibes of a fashion week.


HanSe has always been praised by fans for his unique and norm-breaking fashion, so it is not surprising that he made it to this list. While we’ve often seen him with unique outfits or hair colors, his collection of earrings is just as peculiar. Like in this picture, where his pair of earrings look more like a key ring than an earring. Yet, it still looks fashionable, outstanding, and unique, just like HanSe himself.


During ATEEZ’s latest promotions, all members have been looking ethereal with outfits better than ever and incredible visuals. Especially during one special fan meeting that got both ATINY and non-fans of the group to go crazy over them. And we couldn’t help but notice WooYoung’s unique pair of earrings, that look just like a giant zipper. While it is a very uncommon design, it suited him perfectly and made him look very hot and spicy!


Let’s go back in time and recall one of NCT’s unforgettable photoshoots for the unit NCT 2020, and their album “RESONANCE”. You probably still remember the very elegant red suits the members got to wear for that photoshoot, but you probably forgot about some amazing earrings some of the members wore. Let us bring back those memories, specifically Johnny’s pair of earrings. With the chain to link the earring with the hairpin, it is undeniable that it was a unique earring design he got there.


Here is another earring that might have slipped through your sight, but no worries, we’re here to show it to you! The concept photos for the album “ODDINARY” were extremely well done, reflecting the vibes of the album itself, and as we were so captivated by the details, we couldn’t miss out on Lee Know’s earrings. There are so many chains and decorations on it that we can’t distinguish all of them! That is probably one of the most uncommon designs we’ve seen for an earring so far, yet, it still looks very cool, especially on Lee Know.


There are surely many other artists wearing unique and amazing earrings, but those were our personal favorite among recent looks. Which one is your favorite pair of earrings among those?