5 Covers By TEMPEST That Will Leave You Yearning For More

5 Covers By TEMPEST That Will Leave You Yearning For More

5 Covers By TEMPEST That Will Leave You Yearning For More

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TEMPEST is the perfect mixture of overflowing charisma, wholesome personalities, and indisputable skill. They’ve stunned since their debut, making iE (their fandom name) of everyone that comes across their path. While they’re a group with visuals that scream boyish charm, they completely flip the switch on stage, becoming an idol group ready to tear it up.

Their original tracks are especially hype and fans can get excited for their approaching comeback on September 20th. However, TEMPEST have constantly proven that they’re able to perform another singer’s song in their own style. They imbue these performances with their very own musical color that could make anyone fall in love.

Here’s only a few covers by TEMPEST that will leave you in awe of the idol group.


1. Charismatic ‘The Real’ Cover

Through JTBC’s “K-909“, TEMPEST were able to incorporate traditional Korean elements like garment and drums, creating a wildly charismatic intro. Then, in modernized Hanbok, they provide a eye-catching performance of ‘The Real’ that could get anyone out of their seat and dancing. TEMPEST are the realest around, and they prove this whenever they take the stage.


2. Synchronized Cover Of SEVENTEEN’s ‘HIT’

Even prior to their official debut, TEMPEST were uploading covers that had fans expectant. Their pre-debut videos rose the bar for the idol group exponentially, and ‘HIT’ was no exception. Their movements were precise, yet packed a punch that could knock anyone senseless.


3. Powerful Performance Of ‘Kick It’

Using this cover of ‘Kick It’ as a base, it seemed as if TEMPEST’s ceiling would reach past the sky. They masterfully executed every move, provided stunning facial expressions, and were in sync from start to finish. Even before their start as rookies, they already seemed like professionals ready to take on the world.


4. Boost Of Serotonin With ‘Full Of Happiness’

‘Full Of Happiness’ is an iconic track that brings on feelings of nostalgia for even newer K-Pop fans across the globe. TEMPEST are able to bridge the past generation and their own, imbuing this legendary song with their own musical color. Their performance of ‘Full Of Happiness’ acts as a happy pill that you can take at any time of the day.


5. Modern Take On ‘From The Land Of Morning’

Immortal Songs 2” allows soloists and K-Pop groups to offer respect to legendary singers in the music industry. They do this, all while adding their own spin to these memorable tracks. In their rendition of ‘From The Land Of Morning’, TEMPEST absolutely shine, rivaling the sun, moon, and stars above. Their performance brings on a sense of pride and overwhelming joy. And just like that, there’s a chance for TEMPET to become immortalized inside of your heart.

Are you excited for TEMPEST’s comeback? What cover of theirs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!